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Why choose DKTuning?

All our maps are carefully programmed and fully tested to extract optimum performance from your car engine, whilst giving better fuel economy and joy of driving!  

European Expertise, Local Support!

  • We always perform a FULL REMAP on every car we tune. We knew of companies in the market who does quick 'remapping' job such as removing speed cut and small alteration on either timing or boost with a budget costing. We do not skim on quality fortunately, so rest assured! All maps are meticulously tuned to ensure best drivability apart from the performance gain.
  • Honesty & Professionalism is our key strength. We provide best advise, explanation and achievable performance gain figures to our clients. We do not post high numbers just to make sales.
  • Our company provides the Largest Vehicle Coverage for remapping service in the country. There are some companies who provide services only for Continental makes while some covers only Koreans. Some covers only vehicles with Auto Transmission! Rest assured, we cover most of Continental, Japanese, Korean and even Malaysian cars, both Automatic and Manual Transmission! Check out our complete Vehicle List.
  • Local support – For any queries or matters relating to our work done on your car, we provide instant and efficient support. If by any incident that the SAM / ECU unit of your car was damaged in road accident or by water, we can reprogram back the tuned map into your new SAM / ECU unit for you instantly for a small fee, or even FREE on some car models.
  • Our high commitment level is unrivalled to a point we will provide FREE UPGRADES whenever we have better mapping available for your car model within the 1st year of your car remapped.
  • Our friendly Tuner is able to travel to your location if it is feasible to do so and with the right number of cars
  • We perform a full diagnostic scan to check that the vehicle is in a fully working condition and has no faults or error codes present.
  • We perform or show performance measurement before and after the Remap so our clients get to see how much calculated improvements they get out of their remapped car.
  • Create full database of all clients’ detail so we can trace at ease when required. We will also update our client base with news, new products and services offered from time to time.
  • We accept MYR, USD or EURO currency.
  • Mode of payment is preferably cash. We can arrange for credit card payment mode as well as instalment plan of 6 or 12 months.
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