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We wish to express our gratitude to those who wrote in their feedbacks and supplied us testimonials.

Thank you for your support, time and effort!!!


NOTE: The amount of cars enlisted below are not a representation of the number of cars we have remapped.

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Chinese Testimonials

Merc C200CGI W205 '14

I’m grateful to a friend who introduce me to Dylan of DK Tuning. Yesterday 18 Jun Dylan took almost 9 hours to remap my ride C200 W205. He started remapping at 3.30pm after uninstalled a piggy back tuning box I’ve been using since 2 yrs ago. At past midnight he sent a short msg..I’m very happy with the result” and send me a hand scribble note which doesn’t make sense to me. Its too late to pick up the car at 1am nevertheless I took the car at 1pm today. Oh yeah...true to his words... He transformed my car. The car feel very much faster and responsive. Good power delivery from low to high power band. What surprise me the car engine seems quieter than before Tq Dylan for your hard work. Now the car drives faster and stronger.. I’m excited about it..and luv it.

Zaharin - PJ

Lexus RX350 '14
Before Remap:
Lack of the V6 and thrust Power. Need to drag the RPM around 3.5k to get the power and once hit above 5.5k the power lost.
After Remap:
The Power obviously noticeable at RPM 2.2k and pull above 6k the Power and thrust still available. The sound of Dual VVTI Plus V6 makes the drive so pleasurable.
Dylan such a patient and professional with his Job even though this car is his first time touching it. Dylan confident tuning brings the light and power to the Lexus RX350 and with the amazing crackling and tone of VVTI playing inside the engine makes the whole new feel. Good job Brother Dylan!!  ^.^
Satisfied Owner:
Hamilton's Friend - JB



Before Remap:

very sluggish throttle response, not enough power for safe overtaking, topspeed was only round 145 kmh. turbo boost max 0.5 and takes too long to reach max boost. was very unhappy. it felt really like on old truck.


After Remap:

very responsive throttle, boost went up to 1.2 max very quickly which was fantastic and the ranger pulls very strongly in all gears .better than what I expected .drives like a car now


Dylan was very patient with various remap config until suitable setting was obtained for crisp low end response with good mid and top end performance. am very happy now and this is my 2nd remap experience with DK Tuning. simply superb job. it has transformed the ranger to an exciting machine to drive ,Many thanks to Dylan!


SIMON - Kota Damansara


SUBARU XV 2.0 '16

Hello datok Sri Pinang @ kelantan

Tremendaous savings for xv, rm68 for half tank I can use for 10 days, power wise no need to mentioned which is far more powerful compared before which only need to accelerate 1/3 of the pedal the vehicle just sprint all the way.

Really salute your great technology which applied to both our vehicles, we no longer headache to pump fuels.

Power wise you just need press the pedal softly the power will just go as compared before which the pedal have to press hard and power comes also cannot compared as now.

This is what you called fierce power and fuel savings xv!!

before remap I really hell suffer , I use Ron 97 rm15 per day and sometimes rm30 per day , now as you said no need to pump ron97 and ron95 giving the above result which I mentioned above. If I accelerate harder it wil be rm30 per day , normal will be rm15 per day

I love the wonderfull fuel savings and power wise all the way

Datok drrr sri Pinang you really a great tuner

Superb savings use to be 4 bar I need to use the fuel , now only needed 2 bar with higher speed , better performance in terms over taking , save time some more only takes me 2 hours instead of 2.5 hours

This time many overtaking. Good performance overall. Puas hati the way the car push!

Of were to calculate before remap fuel usage usually rm120 both ways , now is about rm79.50. And also drive at 90kmh average with 2 hours , before remap use to be at 80kmh will be that price of fuel rm120. Very pleased and praise datok technology.



Now my xv able to gain more than 600km per full tank , I drove with keep overtaking and speed of 120km able to get this result , is very very pleased of this achievement . Beside that each pump able to save rm30.00++ each compared before which I cannot tahan


SUNNY - Labuan


Mitsubishi Lancer 2.0 GT '09

26th April 2017

So before engaging with Dylan for his remapping services, I did Google search on a few other options. Was really surprised to see how cheap others could remap ECUs for (RM 200 - RM 500). There's an old saying; "good things are not cheap, and cheap things are not good."

There's a reason why DK Tuning's price is waaaaaaay higher than the rest. And after listening to Dylan explaining to me in detail on the 'cheap' alternatives, you shouldn't settle for less. Maintaining a car in general can be a headache, I didn't wanna risk going for the cheap options and opening chances for things to go mess up for my car.

When I first got the Lancer GT about a month ago, I couldn't ignore how sluggish it could be going from 0-60. Even pressing on the accelerator hard, the car was struggling as if it was going uphill.

I've been pumping RON95, could last me for 300+km per week. I get stuck in traffic most of the times, Cheras - Persiaran Tropicana - Cheras for the weekdays, Cheras - PJ on the weekends (Because your friends will find all sorts of excuses on not visiting you in Cheras, lol)

With the ridiculous traffic on every working day, at least an hour to and from work, I check in 17-19L/100km.

On the remapping day, Dylan asked what do I want to get out from this remapping. I just told him I want the car to respond a lot better in terms of acceleration and if possible, improving the fuel consumption.

While remapping, Dylan was great to explain to me the numbers and difference between the stock settings and the remapped ones. Honestly, it was a lot for me to digest for the first 10 minutes but I'm pretty sure I'll learn more on the technical sides of cars soon.

After flashing it back to the car, off we went for a test drive.

The first thing I noticed was while reversing the car, its a lot responsive. We were on a straight road down at Bandar Utama and Dylan gave me clear instructions on switching to manual mode and flooring it on the 2nd gear till 6k RPM and goodness me the engine sounds a lot more better.

He wasn't done still, there was some tweaking needed to be done and he made sure I get my money's worth and everything was okay. Before thanking him and heading back home, he told me to give him some feedback on differences.

Friday afternoon, I pumped full tank PETRON RON95, RM 90. Because last weekend I did more driving than the usual weekends, I'm estimating to refuel within four days.

As promised, I sent the above images to Dylan and he too was surprised at the improvements. I did tell him I'll post another short testimonial if I'm driving outstation.

Not gonna lie, I was thinking twice whether the remapping was worth the money. But in the long run, I get to travel on the road an extra day and what not, and it does make a difference. This one time investments lasts for a looong time.

Thanks Dylan!!

BMW 318i E46 '03

To Remap or Not !!  i was hesitant, will the remap stick or disappear i was skeptical (4mnths wo issues). Will remapping ruin my engine i was a little worried. But Dylan washed away all my worries. End results, my ride now has a smoother revving engine and increased torque,(mid range). Takeoff from traffic lights is Especially much faster.


Town driving turned into a breeze. Overtaking improved (wished we could improved it even further) as the gearbox became much livelier. Throttle response is especially sharper and highway driving is soo easy now. Acceleration from 100-170 is so much faster and im not even close to half throttle.


Top Speed not tested yet. Fuel consumption improved a little (Not during asperated driving). Overall its more fun and power to drive. I'd recommend remapping especially if ur someone who don't want adding noisy hardware ie Exhausts n Mufflers or Air Filters. Thank you Dylan.

Raymond Maria Doss - Ampang

Mitsubishi Lancer 2.0 GT '09

7th Dec 2016 (1st Half MIVEC Mapping Completed)
- Wasn't able to complete the 2nd and final half of the remap due to time constraint. This would be completed at a later time on 12th Jan 2017 during Dylan's next trip down to KL.

8th Dec 2016 (Initial Feel Towards The 1st Half MIVEC Mapping) After the remap, I can definitely feel a power gain, not too much, but the car definitely moves off from stand still easier than before. It drives better than before BUT power gain novelty is slowly wearing off after a day of driving. Maybe the gain is not too significant yet and maybe because I'm getting used to it by now.
The different feel in light to mid throttle application is very significant. The other significant difference is the travelling speed attained in relation to accelerator depress level. Now, a steady light depression of about 10 - 15mm can keep cruising speed at 70km/h on a level road. When the car is at a rolling speed of between 50 - 70km/h, a fast half way depression of the accelerator sends the car picking up speed at a faster rate than before.

14th Dec 2016 (Usual Business Trip to JB)
I pumped rm60 of RON 97 (usually use RON 95 only) this morning, and then drove at an average speed of 140km/h to JB. I managed 320km. Meaning FC is 8.3L/100km. I must also mentioned that during my business trips to JB and back, the boot is always saddled with a heavy load of equipment (about 50 - 60kg) each time. During the journey, tested revving hard (flooring the peddle to the metal) on the highway from 0 - 160km/h, there was no engine knocking at all. But there was a slight
stronger grunt emanating from under the hood. Overall, the remap did not harm the engine. Everything feels good!

15th Dec 2016 (Travelling Back to KL)
After yesterday's monitoring, I refilled this time with rm60 RON95 as per the norm. I did about 40km in JB town area covering between Pasir Gudang and Gelang Patah
before heading back to KL straight. I tried maintaining a constant speed (averaging between 110-120km/h) most of the way without heavy revving or hard over-taking
maneuvers. The total mileage hit successfully was 420km. So, this return trip run yielded a FC of 7.52L per 100km. How's that for FC and performance?
In conclusion - I saved almost 1L of fuel for every 100km distance if reduce speed to the region of 110km/h as against 140km/h. Therefore, sticking to the speed limit saves you much fuel and $$$ and most of all personal safety. Sad to say now that I'm so used to the car that I don't feel the power increase anymore. The power deficiency syndrome is starting to rear its ugly head again. Sigh.... ???? (Power! Power! I need more POWER!!!)

20th Dec 2016 (Daily Driving Update)
I stay in Kepong and use the LDP daily very early in the morning to get to my work place in Puchong Utama. In the afternoons, I go driving around industrial areas canvassing for sales. And at nights, I'm the chauffeur for my 2 kids, going to and fro from the house to 2 differently located tuition centres. On one instance, I pumped in rm80 RON95 for a strict round of monitoring. As usual, covering town driving but with almost no long queue or stuck in a jam situation. I had average constantly between 70 - 80km/h for about 80% of the time and there was about 2 hours total idling time in between; usually this being from waiting for my kids to finish their tuition classes. And the total mileage the car achieved this time was 430km. After doing the maths, the FC came to 9.79L per 100km.


- Before the remap, for every rm60 of RON 95, I used to get about 270 - 320km.
- After the remap, I can manage about 300 - 350km. Sometimes, slightly even more. So, there is certainly fuel savings. Is it significant? I leave it to you guys to go figure.

12th Jan 2017 (Finally, 2nd half of the MIVEC Map Completed)
Yesterday, met Dylan and finally completed the full MIVEC remap. The initial feel is that the throttle responsiveness is even lighter now and much much more responsive. The car behaves totally different now. And the engine grunts strongly when pressed hard on the accelerator. The newly attained 'sound effect' is like music to my ears. The moving off from stand still is so much more responsive. The pick up power and responsiveness from a rolling speed of between 50 - 70km/hr, zooming to over a 100km/h has totally improved. The car feels much much more responsive and pleasurable to drive now. Over taking cars is a non issue most of the time as you know it will just go
when you want it to.

I can safely say, the overall driveability factor has gone up a notch. I am very happy and satisfied with what Dylan has done to my car. I'm like reborn and so too feels the car!

For the nay sayers and those who are still sitting on the fence wondering should I risk throwing in hard earn money to try it out? My answer is, "JUST DO IT!!!"

Thanks Dylan!!!

Curtis - Kepong


Hyundai Accent 1.5 '06

Yesterday I break my own record again. 200km/h (Car meter) and 192km/h (obd reading). B4 ur remap, my bro say max is 180 km/h only and very hard to reach tat coz can hear the engine seems wan jump out from the engine bay dy.



BMW 320i E90 LCI '12

The car can feel have more torque and slightly more power. Riding feel comfortable.

Zul - Bangi


Mazda 2 1.5 Skyactiv '15

Just done ECU TUNING on stage 1 , Special Thanks for DKTuning , the car is now has better and lighter , acceleration , it performs much better then before :)

J Under Warranty - Sunway


Mazda 2 1.5 Skyactiv '15

I am the owner of 2015 mazda 2 skyactive 1.5G. I was suppose to do a stage 1 tuning by dylan, but after hearing the benefits of all 4 different stages explained by dylan, i decided to go with stage 2. No regrets on the decision as dylan made a awesome tuning to my car, now it feels much lighter and more responsive now comparing with previous stock settings. Stage 2 tuning has also improve the fuel consumption of the car, and also bringing a new experience of driving this car. Awesome job done by Dktuning! :D

WB Under Warranty - Damansara

BMW X1 Sdrive 20i (N20 engine) 184hp '13

Hi Dylan

Just wanted to say thanks for the work done on my X1, it has completely transformed the car is into a beast, the stats were impressive(261whp), but it’s driving it that makes you realise how different it is.


U just cant resist d power la, bro. I drove Penang-seremban-melaka-seremban-melaka-seremban right after you remapped. Its like playing video games. Tremendous Power! Like playing GT. So smooth and acceleration was superb. If u r a lady definitely im in love hahahaha


You really know what you’re talking about and what you’re doing there, very very impressed with the service received and to add to the phenomenal performance I’m already seeing improvements in my driving which is just a bonus. I will definitely be recommending you to friends and family. Looking forward for our next project bro (stage 2)

Abu Umaiyr Qhaleef - Nilai


Ford Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost 125hp '15

Hi Dylan, first of all i would like to say Thank You to you for remapping my car.

i can feel the torque gained within 2k-5k rpm. Really great respond since in Malaysia we hardly go for top speed. more pick up feels much more better ! job well done Dylan ! 


Under Warranty - Shah Alam


Kia Forte 2.0 '12

Hi dylan , i am satisfied with the ecu remap ! It is superb performance! The torque is very good in low end until high , no sluggish anymore ! Even with a torco accelerator and torco RCL the result is even more superior !

Nelson - kuala lumpur


Ford Ranger 3.2 Wiltrak '12

Everything up to expectation!!! As to the comparison between box and map, I would rate box a 2 and map a 4 if 5 is the greatest improvement. Not sure about the amount of black smoke yet, the mileage, the max speed ( I breached 180 just now and in very short time) etc... Yet to find out... So far so good! In fact too much power until the rear wheel keep spinning when going on wet road.

Very strong pulling torque especially in 3-6 gear. I think the whole torque curve shifted up quite a lot... and U r right.. Easily 20- 30 % more torque

My friend tested my pickup and gave big thumb up!!!

I feel confident with ur product and what's more ur service!!!

Comments on Tuningbox vs DK Remap:
Box no compare at all. The overall feel, Beginning to the end feel... Totally different! Map, the delivery of torque and end power is "earlier and longer" Ur product is thumbs up.  Tuning box no comparison to remap...

I'm really very very pleased to have u remapped my car... This is that kind of "feel syiok" feeling that I've been hoping for... Bravo Bro!!! U have made another very happy customer!!!

Kent - Seremban

Proton Inspira 1.8MT '12

I’m proud to say that my 1.8M Inspira was a first for DK tuning and in summary i would say it was challenging yet totally worth it! We had 3 sessions of fine tuning and now i’m well and truly satisfied with how much smoother and faster my acceleration is. Notable difference to torque and HP!


My commendation as well to Dylan, he was highly patient and professional throughout. I owe my driving pleasure to this man. A million thanks!

Joshua W. - KL


BMW 323i E90 '12

I am a returning customer who previously owned a pug 308 4 speed turbo engine which Was remapped by you 3 years ago. Obviously was a satisfied customer and without qualms looking forward to get remapped for my BMW 323i E90 engine.


For those who has driven original factory fitted 323i E90 , I am very sure you have the Same experience as myself where the car is very sluggish especially low to mid torque range .

You have to floor the pedal before the engine reacts and response. Another observation is that the car is under performed especially mid to high , no wonder they purposely keep it low performance so that they can sell 325 at much higher price using same engine but tune up map.


After tuning was done , I can feel the car has gone through transformation especially The power where low to mid was a huge differential change. I have not got a chance to go mid to high yet since limited clear road I can go for long drive. Definitely the car response , torque and HP have went up significantly.


Thanks for 2nd hybrid map just installed today, will let you know the outcome. I am very sure I will not be disappointed.


Kenny, Penang


Audi A5 2.0 TFSI

HI Dylan, it is good to have the A5 Audi tune up by you, previously was really bad in terms of throttle, but after tune by you, the speed increase previously when in 200kmh, the card wont go beyond that but now it easily 240kmh, fuel comsumption wise, it a little bit more saving but because of my driving pattern, normally a full tank will only go around 450km . Service level is good, knowledge n experience is good also, at least Dylan have a Sifus in Germany that knows car very well in case of something which never encounter, he can well reach out to the more expert guy for advise. You would not find a guy which he don’t know how to settle things and no one to turn to.  Thanks.

Jeffrey Chan



Ford Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost

Thank you for the tuning box. Indeed i can feel improved performance and torque although on paper it didnt show much. Perhaps a dyno will put things at ease.  Even at 5 and 6th gear the car can still pull further. Getting to 180km/h (for a 3pot 1.0T) is easier now.  I no longer hear weird noises from the engine bay at low rpm (seems like turbine noise, i might be wrong).  It is still early to gauge fuel consumption but so far looks good. full tank pre-DTE i can get 450km plus, and now I'm not even half tank I'm almost 300km. Similar driving style. Will update in the months following. 


Your advise, services and knowledge is very much appreciated. Your recommendation for octane booster intro'd me to a new product. 


Overall, I'd come back (if I have other cars to play with). I have a Peugeot 5008 MPV which is still under warranty. Knowing Peugeot and its 'reliability', I have time to think about mapping it yet.

Thanks and Happy New Year!

Zak - KL



Proton Inspira 2.0 CVT '12

Dear Dylan,


Terima Kasih kerana membantu saya menjana lebih kuasa terhadap jentera saya. Kuasa hamburan yang diberikan begitu mengagumkan dan saya amat berpuas hati terhadap servis yang diberikan tambahan pula anda seorang yang sangat peramah dan tidak terlalu berkira untuk memberikan servis yang terbaik. Asalnya saya dapati jentera saya agak lembap dan tindak balas enjin tidak begitu menarik untuk di janakan tetapi hasil pemetaan semula ECU Proton Inspira saya hasilnya sangat-sangat membuatkan saya ingin memandu jentera saya setiap hari. Prestasi jentera saya berada pada tahap yang dikehendaki apabila saya menekan pendikit minyak dan penggunaan bahan minyak lebih menjimatkan dari sebelumnya. Anda boleh bayangkan dari kelajuan 80km/h saya hanya memerlukan sedikit usaha menekan pendikit minyak untuk mencapai tahap kelajuan yang lebih tinggi dan jentera saya meluncur mengikut keinginaan saya. CVT juga tidak perlu berkerja lebih kuat dalam jangka masa yang lama untuk mencapai kelajuan yang diingini. Saya mendapati perubahan lebih ketara terhadap enjin saya dimana ketika enjin berada dalam keaddaan "idle", kekasaran enjin berkurangan selepas saya melakukan pemetaan semula. Berbekalkan modal yang mampu bayar, anda telah melakukan lebih dari jangkaan saya. Terima Kasih dan semoga maju jaya!


Warmest Regards

CDC 2590 - Kuala Lumpur

BMW 530i E60 '07

I met Dylan 5 years ago when he was a newbie in ECU remap and have been monitoring his progress since then via his facebook. I must say that Daylan has progressed tremendously over these few years in terms of his remapping skills as evident by the numbers and types of cars he has remapped. Hence I decided to let him remap my e60 530i and I wasn’t disappointed with the end results. The car used to have a slight hesitation from low to mid-range rpm. Now the torque is linear throughout low to mid-range rpm without any hesitation. Amazing torque and power from 3,000 rpm onwards and the car is fast on manual mode and spirit driving with the paddle shifter is really fun and enjoyable. Fuel consumption has also improved slightly (used to be 12.6L/100 km and now 12.2 L/100 km).

Well done, Daylan and all the best from BMW Club Malaysia.

Herbert - PJ

Nissan Fairlady 350Z  '06

Hi Dylan,

this is to let you know that the remapping was done to my full satisfaction.

The speed limiter is removed, torque and power are better across the full rev range and the cold-start rpm has dropped from 2000 to around 1200rpm.

All in all, the car has more "bite" now.



Mercedes CLK230K EVO (W208)  '01

This is simon v from Kota Damansara ….the CLK Before Remap : sluggish acceleration , poor throttle response ..After Remap : sharp throttle response , strong acceleration , can hear the engine growl , louder intake sound…engine pulls strongly all the way to redline ….Conclusion : much improved torque and power – est 20-25 bhp gain with the Kompressor engine …the car feels very different now and really fun to drive very happy teddy now…Thank You very much Dylan –DK Tuning for transforming my machine ..

Simon - Kota Damansara

BMW 320i E90 '07

Two thumbs up for u buddy.


Satisfaction to the max!






Calvin - Kajang

Citroen DS4 1.6THP 200hp Manual Limited '12

This is one of the best freaking awesome day of my life yet! The fabulous Dylan of DK Tuning took a kitten out of my car's ECU & implanted a monster beast back into it!!! I'm always power hungry for my car! I've read a lot of Dylan's good testimonies before decided to engaged him to remap my car. But before the remap, I knew three things have to be done first. Decat, drop in air filter & most of all, use Ron 98 fuel. After remapping, it turned out exactly what I've always wanted, BIG AWESOME POWER GAIN!!! He did the most professional job & delicate as well to my car. We had a few before & after remap test run. initially, my car was dyno at 203 horse power but couldn't feel much of the original factory torque 280 NM(newton meter). It took Dylan at least a couple of few hours to accomplished his work as it was his first model for him too. But the wait was worth every second of it! Finally, when the job was done, as soon as I started the car, engage gear & try to move off, that's where I immediately discovered the car behave in a complete different manner! A deeper tone from the exhaust, a louder hissing sound from the blow off valve & most of all, the whole freaking car is so eager & wanted to leap off!!! For a moment I couldn't handle it. When we went for the after remap test, all the reading from timing & speed had a freaking huge jump!! Some of the time reading was faster by 3 over to 4 seconds! It also reaches 150 km/h with no sweat at all! Throttle responds was so damn fast that I only tap a little on the accelerator & it starts to GROWL! Fuel consumption is so good now that I've achieved 440 kilometer until half tank. Before, it was 350 kilometer from half tank. The pulling force of the torque is the bestest here!!! I've driven a Renault sports Megan 260 Cup & I'm proudly to say that my car now feels the same torque as the Renault!! To confirm all the commotions, I went for a second dyno test again. I was right, my beloved Citroen DS4 DSport now has a new DNA of 235HP & 375NM torque!!! Thousand Thank you to Dylan of DK Tuning for injecting all the good stuffs & taking away my turbo lags!! Please be ready Dylan, my wife's Citroen DS3 is your next project. See you soon Bro!

R. - Klang


BMW 320i E93 '11

Thanx a lot bro.....jz like u say after remap d car get better pickup, brisk, throttle n torque, now get more fun n enjoyable when drive d car....some time really need to hang up my right foot......haha

Really can feel d different after remap....especially low to mid more torque pull,
D car feel more light....more fun to drive it regret!!!!


Ray - PJ

Honda Civic 1.8 i-vtec FD1 2008

Performance is far didn't encounter any knocking problem...manage to clocked 205 topspeed yesterday...don't dare to go further because of the traffic. The low end and midrange torque is improved quite a lot...can feel the pulling power when I rev from 80-140 km/h... Its worth for the investment! (via sms)

Ibrahim - Shah Alam

Proton Inspira 1.8CVT 2011

Much better didn't notice knocking till today. It feel smoother from all the rpm range before that I feel the drag and slow down in range of 2000rpm-4000rpm.


For my overview, I feel a lot of different after tune from the whole process we have done compare to original ECU map. It gain much more power even more fuel saving. The low end torque also have much improved. When I just press little on the throttle paddle, I can feel the pulling power differently. It is fun to drive. It worth to pay for tune my 1.8L engine like 2.0L. I'm satify choosing DK Tuning. Thank you very much.

Kevin - Penang


Mazda 3 2.0 BL '10

Thanks Dylan for working on my Mazda 3 2.0 BL. great job done. spent a some more than 5 hours for the entire process. very patient and knowledgeable tuner indeed. 

first of all, the car definitely is more willing to go. I didn't do any actual dyno runs so i can't provide an exact figure. but again i guess everyone knows their cars right. the power delivery is much more smoother, low to mid rev torque has increased noticeably, and at high end the engine is more willing to push longer. the reluctance during the exit of junctions and traffic lights are almost gone.

secondly, the fuel consumption of the car has improved for around 10 - 15%. this figure is based on a combination of both highway and town drive-around. the difference is obvious. i haven't got the chance to really put the car through a journey long enough to see how much more it will save, but thus far i am very satisfied with the fuel consumption improvement.

lastly, i have driving around with the new map for a couple of weeks now, everything is perfectly within safety parameter. i have some gauges that i can use to monitor the basic readings of the car, and everything is fine, there is even a minor improvement on the car's water temp after remapping. the car's gear changing is smooth, there is no knocking from the engine, ignition timing advancement is all time higher than original but stable, etc.  so i would think it is safe to claim that the remap from dktuning is highly reliable. 


thanks again dylan for the job done beautifully!

Milo - KL

Honda Jazz 1.5 i-vtec '08

1. Performance and drivability has definitely increased when the car is already in motion like 20km/h and above. Could have done more in making the throttle response from standstill a little faster (this is where my car frustrates me the most). Once it is moving it is great as there are less gear hunting when doing manoeuvring through traffic.
2. Fuel consumption seems to be improving but only marginally.
3. Can't really fault the service provided by you. Keep it up :)

Terrence - Penang

Mercedes CLK230K W208 '99

Dylan, I like the new remap - better pickup/acceleration at all range. So far so good especially acceleration at 70-80kph speed. 28/12/13

Just to let you know that the ECU remap that your did for my 1999 W208 CLK230 Kompressor is splendid - got the torque and acceleration I needed at at level of the speedometer...Perfect!!! 31/12/13

Managed to test Bangi KLIA LCCT and back...verdict - marvellous - power at the tip of my toe - Low to mid was excellent - acceleration is smooth and silky - just love the pace - thank you for doing a splendid job !!! 1/1/14

Marzuki - Bangi

Ssangyong Stavic 270xdi 164hp

Where do I start, basically, everything has improved! the car now feel livelier the moment i release the brake pedal, right from the start, there is more power, less lag, better throttle response, more torque, more power. What i like most is the torque on just 1/4 throttle, it just effortlessly cruises to 160km/h without any fuss or hesitation. I used to floor the throttle all the time but now, just 1/4 is needed most of the time, the ease of driving is unbelievable! I hardly past 3000 rpm in any gear now cos the torque is just pulling me along, happy with the knowledge that anytime, full throttle will just pull me away from most normal 1.8 liter cars! Surprisingly, on full or part throttle on the move, there is no noticeable smoke from the exhaust, only from standing start, full pedal will just illicit a puff, then the smoke is gone. So far, every single passenger has been astonished at the acceleration!

Thanks Dylan!

Roy -  KL

VW Golf MK5 2.0 GTI - Stage 2

i finally managed to get my car back from the accessory shop. The power is good, really felt it on the in-gear acceleration. in fact there were some wheel spin in the wet on 2nd gear if i were to floor it. Overall the power is linear which is good and so far been enjoying it :-)

Andrew - PJ


VW Polo V 1.2TSI 2011

Hi Dylan, Good job. Now my Polo tsi got more power and torque. The engin revs very smooth thru out the entire revs. and makes it more pleasurable drives. Thanks for your service!

Under warranty - PJ


BMW 325i E90 '06

My Baby : E90, 325i year 2005 (non LCI) and I call her Beatrice.

My Issue : Beatrice had poor midrange RPM Torque and there was always a lag when I am cruising and then floor the accelerator to overtake.  Throttle response was not as responsive as I would have liked it to be.  Keep having to use the sports and manual mode each time I wanted the torque to kick in.

My request to Dylan : Get Beatrice to be more responsive, Improve overall Torque especially from midrange RPM, Eliminate or reduce the obvious lag when I floor the pedal.

The outcome : Beatrice has become a pleasure to drive.  My road trip to Penang using a mix of trunk coastal drive and highway was amazing.  The torque drive in midrange have improved drastically and the lag has also reduced to a point where it is not so noticable.  No more frustration with Beatrice anymore.  She is now a gem to drive.  Throttle response has also improved significantly especially from dead-stops.  And all this is on normal gear.  Sports mode is even more noticeable.  I am very satisfied with the outcome of the re-map.

My experience with Dylan : He is a very meticulous guy and treated Beatrice as his won when remapping to ensure she got the perfect map.  He was patient and is very focussed on building and maintaining a long term relationship with his customers.  Thanks Dylan !!

Note : Noticed a slight increase in consumption but that could be my heavier right foot now enjoying my moment with Beatrice.




P/S: BTW, that friend of mine who also has the same model E90 drove my car on the way back from Penang and says it has considerable difference from his E90.


Honda Accord 2.0L '07 (Gen 8th)

Dear Dylan,
I think my Accord's engine to date has already adjusted itself very well to the remapped ECU. My car's performance thus far is great. Significantly different from before.
Nevertheless, let me relate the story line. The only absence below is facts and figures becoz I cant formulate them. But having driven my Accord regularly for the last 4 years, I can safely say I know the car's character and behaviour well :
The remap was completed 11 pm on Monday, 29 April. After the test run, and on my way way home, I can already see a different behaviour from my car. It runs swiftly, responding well to my light touch of the gas pedal. Traffic is not heavy that night. That gives me the opportunity to test it out on the highway. True enough, the ride is fun.

And it continues to behave in that manner till now (by then I have topped up the fuel tank a few times already).    

I am now a happy driver of my Accord. Like I said before, whilst driving I keep wanting to go faster then any car coming along side me. Becoz my Accord can confidently take the challenge now !
Thank you Dylan for the remap.  I wish you all the best.
TQ and kind Regards......MJ, KUALA LUMPUR



Chevrolet Cruze 1.8 140hp '10

Hi Dylan , I am really satisfied with car performance after remapped. Its not only becoz of the car performance that Im happy with but also because of your perfection in works and the service after that. 1st day we spent about 4hours and again next day continue another 3 hours just to find the best tune for my car. The best part you done remapped only using OBD socket without remove the ECU. I can say you are the best car tuner so far in Malaysia. Im going to meet u again in future the the lubricants haha J

Cruzer - KL


Chevrolet Cruze 1.8 140hp '11

Dylan, I am very satisfy with the remap and tuning! U really did a good job and understand that u really put a lot of efforts into it. I can felt that the torque really increased a lot, my car become very light and can overtake very easily, the pick up really improved a lot! Thank u very much Dylan - Master of remapping and tuning. Hehe.....


Under Warranty

Peugeot 308THP 140hp '10

The car feels great. No problems so far. I need to drive it out to Maju Expressway for further testing :). The car jerks when accelerating from a complete stop when I hit the pedal too fast though. I had to drive it as if there was an egg under the gas pedal. I guess I just need to get used to the extra sensitive acceleration now.


Siew Chung - Petaling Jaya

Peugeot 206 2.0 Gti 138hp

I am certainly impressed with the gains from this map. It had better gains than a 407 with dvvt. My stock figures were 138bhp & 190nm. With the remap by DKTuning i managed to get 152bhp and 207nm. Pretty impressive for me as i'm running only a k&n drop in filter, decat and a supersprint muffler. The extractor/manifold is stock standard. and no cams were fitted.

For performance :

i felt an increase in torque. It felt more rev happy and the punch in the mids really nice, power keeps on coming. As the original was already torquey the increase was really not ultimately significant. Topspeed i have tried 210km/h ++... standard i could do 200km/h only coz i will run out of road, balls will shrink . Topspeed came faster, that i am sure off. Honestly i expected higher topspeed...


The remap has also eliminated the rev limiter, so i am able to rev up to 7000rpm instead of 6,500rpm thus improving my 0-100km/h time. I got century sprint in the 7s...with full load will be 8s *aircond too* so roughly its pretty good, since im using ron 95 anyway.


Overall for the future i am hoping to get my extractor done soon, followed by camshafts. I hope the map will be able to adjust like Dylan said?  or maybe would have to remap again to adjust?kinda confused about that. Whatever it is i am happy with the results and also impressed with Dylan with the excellent customer service he provides . I am pretty confident with his work. Its been a month plus and so far no problems .


Hope to meet Dylan up one day for maybe possible a tune up? then i shall belanja Dylan kamheong this time haha! 


Ridt - Kajang

Mercedes CLK200K 184hp (W209) '05

Dylan’s patience in improving the mapping for my Mercedes CLK200k W209 is beyond my gratitude words that can describe in this testimonial. The hybrid mapping work so well for my car engine & gearbox. In my opinion without prejudice, the horse power & torque of the 1.8l kompressor engine is no doubt being increased to a level equivalent to the current capacity of the new Mercedes 250 CGI turbo engine (also in 1.8l configuration). Extra torque kick in from approx 1400rpm onwards, mid-range feedback is just excellent all the way to the top speed exceeding 230km/hr. Thanks for eliminated the infamous sluggishness of the throttle.  Excellent remap! 

Ken Cheah - PJ

Audi A4 1.8T B8 160hp 2012

The car performance has improved significantly after remapped. Torque increased highly noticeable at 4th and 5th gear. The car just accelerate out of nowhere when the gear dropped manually. Fuel consumption has reduced from 7.5l/100km to 6.5l/100km with Ron 97 and mixed driving. Century sprint cut short to 3seconds after remapped.


Well a good, professional and honest tuner who answered all my queries without any hestitation. He definately knows what he is doing!

V - Under warranty

Peugeot 407 2.0cc 140hp '09
Hello there Dylan boy
I have now use shell v power plus the octane booster that i bought from you on the 407 and its running real smooth like a baby's ass if you get my drift, my wife is really over the moon with the car's performance. We drove up to Genting few days ago and the difference is out of this world, it just rocket up to Genting with ease compare to previous trip before the remap.


Thanks again Dylan, the remap is really worth the money one spent, hope you will get thousand more customers in the near future to do the remap.


So you take good care boy and hope to see you soon ok.


Uncle Sam Ong - Kajang

Proton Inspira 2.0 CVT '12
A million thanks for Dylan for taking afford to get his hand on my 4B11. 

Much more responsive after 1.5k rpm, 1.7k to 3.5k much smoother in terms of mid range power/torque & 4k till gear change at 6.2k onwards the pulling effect is better as compared to stock.


The amount that I've paid for it, well.. I would really say that it is worth much more than that. Honestly, there are totally no regret on it! Another ride of mine is awaiting to go for it.. 


Thumbs up DK TUNING.. :)

Roy - Penang

Merc C200K 2.0L Kompressor 163hp '02

I’m glad that you have done a good job to my c200 k and the performance of the car has change drastically. Now the car really feels the diff from low,mid and high and especially the sound from the engine at 4500 to 6500 rpm, it’s just amazing. The throttle feels sharp and responsive and the pattern of the gear shifting has change too. The fuel consumption  are equally as good as the performance of the car.


Good job and keep it up!

Randy - Penang

Fiat Bravo 1.4 T-Jet 150hp
Thanks for remapping my bella on 22nd May 2012 night. Before remapping just have a good conversation on remapping know how, and after the session is finish, have a drive to Putrajaya to test my skill and my bella performance.

And the result is below for century sprint for an amateur:

Before remapping : 10.2s.

Then got some rolling start testing to gather a few data before do a remapping.

After all the required data been taken, the main course is starting at around 10pm.

After a few minutes of flashing the map into my bella, we go straight away using the same routes to Putrajaya.

I do again the century sprint, and still as an amateur, the result is as below:

After remapping: 9.3s.


Quite good result for an amateur like me...ha! ha! ha! ha!

A nice dude with a knowledgeable in automotive industries!

Ridz - One

Audi A4 1.8T B8 160hp 2012

A remap on a premium car is a mind boggling decision. Any mistake could cause you sleepless nights. Engaging Dktuning to remap my Audi gave me peace of mind. The performance increase of about 30% on hp n torque pull is both exhilarating & satisfying. Besides, I got the choice to choose different map which gives a very diff driving characteristic each. I doubt I can get this kind of service from other tuners.


Good job to Dylan!

V - Penang


Proton Satria Neo 1.6 CPS (MT) 2010
Dylan thanks for pimpin my ecu, thanks to him my car now runs better than the stock mapping, what i meant by 'better' is way much better than the previous oem setup. Before the remap, my car felt very sluggish even though after the CPS is activated, the engine acts like there is something restraining the engine's power. After the remap, even a slight push on the pedal, i can feel the car just eager to go. Obviously the effects after the remap is you can here the tappet's (the sound when the engines is fully warmed up to its ideal temperature) runs faster then the usual and the rpm's swing smoothly thru out the band.

overall the diffrence can be notice after several high speed driving/cruising. the fuel consuming is much more lesser than the previous setup, and im really surprise to see how fuel saving it is after all those bashing and hardcore driving. im happy with it, and always a grin in my face when other neos trying to outrun me.. :)

To my surprise the fuel consumption also decreases as satria neo is well known for its heavy drinker trade mark. Trust me you can feel the power increase especially at the low end range. Dylan also promote me to use the ron booster which converts the fuel for better burning thus increasing the engine efficiency and smoothen power delivery. I am very satisfied with the result and now i have a problem on how to control myself from overwhelming joy of driving a remaped neo, i am confuse wether the car just got faster or my foot just looses it senses. Thanks Dylan.


HRZ - Semenyih

Ford Focus 2.0 TDCi 136hp 2011

Thanks Dylan Thank you so much...I was bz too during CNY holiday...balik kampung to Taiping and PDickson...of all the cars that I hve owned so far and all my driving experience (got my drivers license in 1982) on the road...this Focus TDCi after your remapped was THE BEST. I will describe more in my next email / feedback. I beat Mitsubishi Grandis and Camry flat yesterday...on the way to PD..bcoz they were rude.

(Subsequent emails)
Last night on the way back home to KL from PD….a Honda Accord 2.2 near Nilai (big exhaust sammore…) …may be he is from KLIA - giving signal and straight-sudden squeezed in to join the main flow, 2 cars ahead of me.

Ahahh..…(very rude maa…) so I trailed him but he refused to let me overtake……I waited until approaching slope/hilly area around Bangi and ….swoosh…. overtook him on the left….right infront of his face…around 180 km/H…it’s a breeze and just a toe-job….very2 happy and thanks to you….

I realized one thing of my black Ford Focus...the front shape at a glance looks like a Myvi hence, when I am trailing a larger cc cars on the hiway they were quite reluctant to allow me to overtake them...the fun begins when by surprise I overtook them in just few seconds zoom zoom when the left lane was me this is pure satisfaction...thanks DKTUNING !

H (under warranty) - KL

Ford Focus 2.0 TDCi Sedan 136hp 2011

I contacted Dylan 2 months after getting my car. I was thinking to soup up an already powerful car J. Dylan is very friendly guy and will not hesitate to answer your questions. After getting the ECU remapped by Dylan, I can only say that enjoy driving my car more than ever. The car pulls faster and overtaking becomes incredibly easy thanks to the near zero turbo lag after the remapping. My fuel consumption has also improved  but I believe I will improve more the moment my car mileage reaches 10000km.. You don’t know what you have been missing until you remap with Dylan Hehe


cfy (under warranty) – PJ

Proton Satria Neo 1.6 CPS (MT) 2012

The car is performing good, smooth acceleration. I have sent the car to Proton to check the clutch and after some tweeking , the clutch is smooth now. I rather enjoy to drive Neo but I need to remind myself on the HP. I have used the octane booster and the diesel oil. My Santa Fe is now quiet and smooth ride. I have not tried on the BM because I seldom drive it. On the Neo, I can say I like the acceleration because, it is not hugging or lagging when I floor the pedal. Nice one.

Salleh - JB

Proton Inspira 2.0 CVT 2012

performance increase............minyak sangat jimat, very enjoy laa


Azli, KL

VW Polo 1.4 MK4 (Type 9N) 75hp  '05

I'm impressed with the performance on my polo after Dylan (Mr Busy Bee) tweaked the stock ecu into some super cool ecu. Now the car run smoother regardless either low rpm or higher. I can feel the increament on the power as i throttle down the pedal. 

Yeah, i cant compare this little toad with other bulls, but this toad is really jumping.

As for the fuel consumption i can say there is slight improvement as im driving this car to work everyday. I believe the car now have the right power to weight.


Well finally i would like to recommend others to ring DK Tuning  and  tweak your car ecu now. Dont worry, you will get the power and the "syioknest"  that you want because Dylan will do it for you.

Adn - KL

Peugeot 308THP 140hp '10
I remapped my 308 turbo yesterday, 27th Jan 2012. First impression, the power improve drastically, the throttle is more responsive and the engine power just waiting for you to tap it. No regret doing this. Dylan also very professional and looking to all data shown, worth the money paid.

Hassan Badri, Sg Petani

Mazda 6 2.5 170hp '08

First and foremost, thank you for re-mapping my car. Well, just some quick notes after the re-mapping. The low end torque is much better now. The engine sound and work more eagerly while the automatic down shifting is much more sensitive. Acceleration from 2,500rpm onwards in 3rd, 4th and 5th gears are getting better with more pulling power can be felt as well. Overall, i am satisfy with what i get from you. Hopefully after the ECU settle down and i might get a bit more satisfaction. Haha................... 

By the way, i still doesn't have the chance to push on high speed cruising & acceleration. With what i already felt, i think they shouldn't disappoint me. Will let you know the feedback when i get the chance then. Once again, thanks buddy. Happy CNY!

Wong - Petaling Jaya


Peugeot 407 2.0cc 140hp '10

The growl of the car was more aggresive than before. As for the throttle, light but more surge.

The car is more responsive and fuel wise, better. There is no more jerk during the change from 2nd gear to 3rd gear and the ride is smoother now with the extra 10+ horses under the hood. Easy for me to breach the 220km/h mark which was previously quite laborious.


All in all, we are very happy with the change. Kudos to Dylan for his job well done and BTW, bro, thanks for your hospitality. You're the man!

Ray - Kajang

Ford Focus 2.0 TDCi 136hp 2011

First of all, I would like to wish merry christmas and a happy new year to you.

Regarding the car, the performance is awesome. The car feels lighter. Hardly felt any turbo lag. I haven't tried to test the top speed yet. But it seems that going to 210 km/h is not a big problem. I'm thinking to get the K&N filter later. Haha! I notice there is more smoke coming out from the exhaust when I accelerate. But no problem for me.

Great job Dylan! You have changed my little pony to a roar beast!!

By the way just to let you know since remapped, I drive with smile everyday. Keep up the good work.

Z - Gombak

Mitsubishi Lancer GT 2.0 155hp

It all started when I feel the car is not giving me enough as the drag was quite significant. So I started browsing through the possible mods offered in the market…Nah most are common and not convincing enough until DK Tuning grabbed my attention for a trial (Dylan is around in town :)) and no strings attached. Fair enough, so I went for an appointment with Dylan.

What I saw
Well, theoretical part aside, the application was quite fast as Dylan confirmed that the template is readily available for my GT, after testing was done. Immediate improvement can be felt and Dylan asked me to do my own testing for the car to adapt to the setting changes and provide him with the feedback (i.e. after sales service and support is GOOD :))

What I experienced
Tested the car and I reverted to Dylan with some further inputs. He gladly attended to the request and we did further test drive and on site remapping. All in, there are 3 remaps for the car and the glaring lack of pulling effect noticeable before the remap, has greatly improved. The fuel economy too but I was unable to verify further. At the point of 2nd remap, the power of VW TSI was lingering in my mind and its power surge and smoothness is really hard to resist – my fault, I went and test drove one VW TSI and start comparing with 2.0 cc Mivec hehehe….

Useful thoughts
The remap extracts the potentials of the car (of the existing engine technology that is J) and any associated harmful effect has been carefully thought of and taken into account by the tuner. Though, I have moved on with TSI technology, the remap is still of value added as the certified improvement on the car can increase the price of the car if it is to be sold off J. Would love to remap my VW to Stage 1 later, but I doubt it behaves like Lancer GT thus far…:)

Rezuwan - Petaling Jaya

Landrover Freelander 2.0 TD4 112hp '05

The car pulls stronger at around 2000 rpm & above and therefore it suits well when I drive in “Sport” mode.  I this mode, transmission kicks down faster and holds engine at higher rpm longer than standard “D”. I can feel the turbo kicks in around this rpm, but this also makes the initial take off / turbo lag feels more prominent than before.  I cannot really tell this after mod initial take-off from start vs. original… since this is purely based on relative “feeling”.


On highway with cruise control set at around 120kmh (GPS speed reading), RPM circa 2700, the car changes gear less on uphill climb than before, which again indicates better torque & power.  I believe there no change done to the cruise controller gain and therefore I can feel subtle over response or over compensation as the car enter a minor slope and then the controller backing off when the set speed is achieved sooner. Again, this indicates better power and torque delivery.


Shukri - Kertih

Peugeot 308THP 140hp '10

Sorry for the late testimonial. Once again, my afternoon session on Sunday 23rd Oct 2011 appointment  with you did not go in vain.


Previously, after many months after re-mapped my Peugeot 308 THP , I found tremendous power  Compared to original setting. Main difference is the torque and throttle pick up response time.  I have tested on my regular weekly golf trip to Sungai Petani where it get clocked 198kmh but have not The chance yet to break 200 and above yet. However, after switching from RON 97 to RON 95, I do face Considerable lag in performance especially during hot days on low RPMs.


I believe it is your passion which drive continuous improvements, feedbacks from customers that make Searching for new recipe for latest maps. We tried 3 maps i.e. GR1.65, GR1.70 and P1.60 and found that P1.60 is the antidote to my problem of RON95. It is extremely smooth progression from low RPM to high RPM w/o any jerkiness on gear switching. In fact, the car can even go further on higher speed BUT do not have the chance  to try out yet.  


 I would update you this week on the performance after I go for longer spin in SP highway.


Highly appreciate your after sales support efforts.


Thank you for your time.    

Kenny - Penang

BMW 523i E60 190hp LCI 2008

Thank you for the late night hardwork to remap the car. Its been wonderful so far. I think there was nothing wrong with the idrive console, it probably was doing some kind of reboot. The next morning, everything was fine and has been ever since. The car now is definitely a better car compare with before. I haven't taken it for long haul drive yet but city driving feels lighter and more responsive than before. In conclusion, the remap is well worth the money.

Chia - Petaling Jaya

MERCEDES E200 Kompressor 184hp 2007 (W211)

I had been driving Mercedes for the last 10 years and lets just say my current E-Class is comfy and reliable rider but lacking some punch especially during one of those gloomy days. So I went shopping for quick and cost effective tuning solution; and found DK tuning by accident over the net.

Cutting the story short; the overall experience was good and I am glad I got Dylan to do it! It is now 4 days after tuning and I took the Merc to Kuantan for a real life test run.

The biggest improvement I notice is that the pulling power is strong starting from 2500rpm all the way to 5500rpm! Needless to say acceleration has improved a lot, very noticeable from stand still pickup and mid hill climbing. The best thing is that my fuel consumption has even improved a bit; I am doing 12L/100km for city driving and 9.6L/100km on highway (aggressive driving pattern).

Dylan told me that I have to drive for 2 weeks before the car fully adopt the new ECU map; at the moment he thinks I will gain 9hp and totally 21 hp at the end of 2 weeks. If this is true then I managed to upgrade my stock 184hp to 205hp for a very reasonable price and it only took 10 minutes to do it!

I shall post my finding / conclusion again at the end of 2 weeks. For now I say; “Thanks Dylan for a great job so far!”


Mitsubishi Evolution X 280hp 6-SST 2011

I am happy with the power gain, very smooth and safe map! Actually, I am even more happy with the improved fuel consumption. With stock, full tank can go 220km only, but now can reach 320km easily.


That's 50% better fuel consumption!!!



Under Warranty

Ford Focus 2.0 TDCi 136hp 2011

Had my TDCI remap in mid july 2011 by Dylan, with the expectation of having a more linear accelaration across the power band. PLUS better mileage. 

The outcome has been above expectation!!


Turbo lag is near zero. Pull is much stronger and consistant across the rpm. This improve the drivability in a BIG way. Fuel consumption is around 5.5 liter/100 km under normal city driving. 

Thanks, Dylan for turning the FOCUS TDCI form a great car to an amazing one. Never really put priority on the 0-100 timing, but the improvement is huge that you do no need a stop watch to notice the difference. It has been an exciting and wonderful drive ever since the remap. Just dun forget to let me know if you find ways to tweak it further. However, I just love the way it feels now. Great job, BRO!


CYS - Shah Alam

Proton Savvy 1.2 MT

Proton savvy telah di remap oleh Dylan (DK Tuning), kini petrol lebih jimat,respon throttle body lagi cepat dan pecutan lebih laju,memang puas hati dengan prestasi proton savvy, manakala remap ecu ini adalah satu pelaburan dari segi wang untuk minyak petrol, kini saya dapat jimat wang saku untuk petrol.


Prestasi savvy selepas remap ecu,kini dengan gear 4 dalam 6000 rpm kelajuan adalah pada 155 km/h berbanding sebelum remap iaitu 137 km/h banyak perbezaan,pick up lebih pantas untuk memotong. Kini rpm boleh cecah hingga 7000 rpm!


Terima kasih kepada Dylan & DK Tuning kerana berkerja keras utk remap ecu savvy walaupun sukar tapi hasilnya begitu hebat, Dylan adalah orang yang mesra dan sukar putus asa.

KK Sabah


Update 13/08/11:

Penjimatan minyak dalam perjalanan 390 km dalam masa seminggu yang saya lakukan adalah 1 liter  bersamaan 20 km dengan isian minyak dalam 19.5 liter, Ron 95. 
Manakala pemanduan dalam 90 km, 80km & 70km. Sebelum remap adalah 1 liter bersamaan 15 km.
Renault Kangoo 1.4 (Auto)

Hi Dylan… This my story( Form Both Of Us ..My Wife and I)

We Both Aggreed the car is more responsive and much more stronger… engine sound lighter, feel the car soo smooth …..the gear shiftings are better …no more lagging . Feel great! Can't wait to test at h/way. And by the way… my wallet seems to be lighter than usual (heheh)….. and thanks for your service. Hope you enjoyed your stay in Melaka.

Nokman - Malacca

Smart ForFour 1.5 110hp Petrol N/A

First I would like to say million thanks to Dylan for fixing the knocking issue on my Smart ForFour.

I have remapped my Smart ForFour 3 years ago and my car had knocking sound since the first day of remapping. I have complained to the tuner the first time I heard the knocking sound but he said it was ok and suggest me to change my spark plugs and use higher RON petrol to eliminate the knocking sound.

However, I tried everything that he suggested by changing my spark plugs to what he recommended and using the highest RON possible (by the time Shell V Power Racing), I even added in octane booster but that did not help at all, the knocking sound was still imminent.

I drive my ForFour under knocking condition for 2 years plus until I found Dylan, a smart car member I knew long time ago. He told me he was able to fix my car and I decided to give it a try. At first try, my car felt weird. RPM is going up and down by itself during idle and even though the knocking sound has been greatly reduced on higher revs, knocking sound on lower rev still exists.

I gave all my feedbacks to Dylan and he was very kind and patient is handling those issues I reported. So after 1 week of hard work, we met up again and give my car a second try, this time, the map worked wonders. Everything on my car is back to normal again, and the knocking sound is finally gone! I mean COMPLETELY gone! I am very happy with my ForFour now as it is really smooth to drive.

Lastly, I would say thank you again to Dylan for fixing my ForFour knocking issue and will recommend him to anyone that wants to do remapping on your car as he is a very polite and patient guy.

Alan - Penang

Ford Focus 2.0 TDCi 136hp 2011

The difference was immediate after Dylan remapped my Focus TDCI, feels like the Focus RS now! Acceleration is more powerful with no turbo lag and the torque is out of this world! Even more surprising my “black panther “ is now less thirsty. AMAZING! Fuel consumption is 15% lower after the remapping, currently averaging only 6litres/100km in city driving. Very passionate in his work, Dylan was both helpful, humble and a true professional. It is very easy to like him.


Don’t wait, get your car remapped immediately by Dylan. IN DYLAN, I TRUST


UPDATE: 22 June

I recently met up with Dylan and he shared with me his new "improved" map for the Focus TDCI and asked me whether I would like to test it. Of course without hesitation, I said YES! The car's acceleration is now much smoother, quieter and even faster although one does not realise it as the power kicking in is very smooth and steady  from the start to the peak. Initial results also show slight improvement on the fuel consumption but probably need a few weeks to work out the average. I really enjoy driving my Focus. Dylan, Thanks again, you did an even better job this time for my "black panther".  

CK- Petaling Jaya

BMW 530d 218hp E60 2006

Thanks to Dylan for his superb job. Quite amazing that he can make such a difference to what is already a fantastic car. My main reason for wanting a remap, was to improve fuel economy and of course power increase, both of which have been improved quite dramatically. The minute I drove the car after Dylan had remap I could feel a big difference and once I got on the highway, the mid range acceleration was superb. The motor pulls and pulls and pulls.........and pulls. I really cant express how much the remap has transformed the way my car drives but definately worth more than what I pay for. My average fuel consumption done with my heavy footed improve too from 12.2l/100km to 9.8l/100km. I am really happy with the result but I still need Dylan to do 1 more thing. My car is stuck at 250kmh! Please remove the speed limiter for me.


Professional service and exceeding expectations!

John - Ipoh

Ford Focus 2.0 TDCi 136hp 2010
The best thing about the TDCi is that it is built for modding for more power on the cheap!!! Try 184hp and 438Nm for less than 3k with just remapping and changing to a K&N!!! 0 - 100 kmh drops from 9.9sec to 7.89 sec with 2 person on board !! Try that with any other cars and method while still keeping the car from guzzling the fuel like a monster.

FC now hover between 6.5 to 7.2 l/100 km. But I have done 1,000km with more than 200km left on the tank from just 1 tankful of diesel , just dont ask how it was done ;)

It also now smokes a bit, not the black stuff spewed out by lorries and old buses but like a light haze, diesel engine makes power that way. Observe the DTM prime mover race or American sled pulling competitions.

Even the woman sez that she likes the happy map!!

It is now the point and shoot car that it is made to be but without paying thru the nose to get a BMW 320D ( along with its even higher maintenance costs ) or the Focus RS and with RON97 costing RM2.90 without paying thru the nose to get at the performance....

KVTN - Kuala Lumpur

Peugeot 307 1.6L 16V

Dylan tuned my 'Orange Simba' recently. It was his first Peugeot 307 1.6L 16V that he remapped. He took his time to learn my car and the software to make sure the car was done right. Instant increase of torque was felt at low gears on his 1st remap of my ride which took him only a few hours to do it!! The extra torque coming in at around 2.5k - 3k RPM and all the way to the red line. It surprises me when my Simba can easily reach 200km/hr top speed compared to stock mapping, 175km/hr. Fuel consumption wise, not yet tested.

Dylan is a very nice, humble and helpful person. He'll try to answer all your questions even when you have tonnes of it.

Thanks again to Dylan for what he has done to my ride. Double thumbs up for his knowledge and experience towards remapping my ride and keep up the good work!!! Dylan is THE person to find if you want to increase your HP of your ride. Hope to get more 'Leng' mapping recipe for my ride from him soon. Motion & Emotion.

Happy drhazwansam

Renault Clio III 2.0 RS 197hp

Via SMS:


Hi dylan, overal d car performance has improved! Will moniter fuel consumption.

So far so good xcept now ron97 selling 2.70 ;-(.


Gas pedal feels good, car more torquey!

Uncle H - AMPANG

Peugeot 308THP 140hp '10

After much research, i decided to remap my 308T mainly due to two reasons. One is the reality of RON97 being so expensive, using RON95 would be the obvious choice but with our stock map, the car lags somewhat to some extent. The other is the fact that the 308T with 6 Speed launched, it makes more sense to remap than to upgrade to the 6 Speeder. So Dylan has done me a huge favour by letting me firstly test out several mappings and see which suit me. Initial feel is like the car took some drugs and more willing to charge forward. The ballpark figure of the power gain would be around 15%-20% gain.



Suzuki Swift 1.6 Sports 125hp

Hi Dylan,


The remap has made my Swift Sport more drivable. I can definitly feel the extra torque coming in at around 3k RPM and all the way to the limiter.

The car comes with a short ratio gearbox so the extra torque is welcome. It means left shifting and of course faster acceleration in gear. I haven't done any propoer testing for 0-100kmh times but with my eye on the speedo and a stopwatch i have gained about 0.5 to 0.8 secs.


Fuel consumption wise i haven't seen much change. Before the remap the consumption would vary between 8.8 to 9.2 l/100km. Now its slightly better, the meter in pinned at 8.9l/100km.

Raphael - KL

Proton Satria Neo 1.6 Campro

April 2011 - SMS


Good morning, Dylan! The remap is pretty good, overall increase in response throughout my gears and I feel the kick coming earlier also. Power getting better and better after the 3rd day.

Ahmad - KL

BMW 523i E60 175hp 2006



The 2nd map brings immediate respond to the car performance. I can feel the throttle is very responsive and I need to step lighter to make adjustment now. It also feels the 1st map has been accustomed to the car and I don't have to wait the next few days to feel the improved version on 2nd map. The car is ready to roar. Overall, very noticeable torque improvement on low rev and you know much more power waiting at the gas paddle this time. Thanks so much for reviving my 5 years old BMW 523i E60 like a new car now.


BMW 523i E60 190hp LCI 2008

Dear: Mr. Dylan

Good morning. It was my pleasure to meet you on last saturday and many thanks for your remapping.

It was too bad that there were so many accident while i drive back from kl to jb yesterday (plus heavy rain) only certain area i could try to drive a bit fast.


From what i see now is, 0km~90km the acceleration has improve and feel the car is light and more powerful now but the interesting thing is from 90km~150km or above the acceleration is awesome! You can feel the engine keep asking you "come on drive faster, that is not my limited bro". That makes me feel surprise when drive in high speed yesterday.

Anyway, i am happy to have this remap with my car now!

Steven - Petaling Jaya

VW GOLF MK6 1.4TSI 160hp yr 2011
Using stock map, I find the TSi lags especially from standstill. There are pauses before power delivery when you step on the throttle. Each time you need power, tapping a little on the throttle doesn't move the car much but tapping a little more would give you too much power. Thus making control of the throttle difficult.

After remap, the lags were reduced substantially, by not so much on the lower rev but more pronounced on the higher rev. Throttle is now easier to control reducing the tendencies to over step the throttle. There are noticeable increase in power from higher revs. From 3,000 rpms onwards, you will notice the power starts to build up and when it reaches 3,500 rpms, the TSi just zooms incredibly with non-stop power delivery. Overall, power delivery is very smooth and linear. Fuel consumption, if you were to maintain your driving habit, improves by almost 10% based on extra urban driving. Engine note now sounds more bassy and sportier.

Loyal Returning Client - PENANG

BMW 320i 156hp yr 2010 (E90)
My 320i Sports transformed !!!
As a newbie to the tuning world, I was recommended to DK by a friend at work… it took me a lot of reading and researching to be comfortable before I made my first contact with Dylan last year after I bought my 2010 320i … A bimmer’s handling is legendary but after moving over from my MK5 Gti, I missed my old car’s raw edgy power and pull…. It was even a little flat between 2-3K rpm…
Anyway, I had to get a proper 4 door saloon and after ending up with the 3-series… I found the stock power plant just a little pale in comparison to the VW (what an understatement)… So there I met Dylan in Penang and was pleasantly surprised with his methodical, surgical approach to the process… he took time to read the car, took time to analyze and I didn’t get anything for the 2 weeks when he worked on the mapping codes J… BUT by the time he loaded the first version for my car, it became different in character…
All of sudden, the car had more pull, felt smoother, the engine actually was more refined in feel compared to the stock ! This week, Dylan loaded a slightly revised version of the software and although I am trying it out for less than a week, my car just gets better… there is another new character now : meatier, even better pull… Honestly, with these 2 maps, I felt great driving all day and when I could I pushed the car up to 120-140 km/h and still felt I had 70% more reserve to go J


In short, don’t hesitate to consult and get mapped with Dylan : he takes a systematic approach that you probably wouldn’t expect from most tuners… and depending on your type of engine, he won’t disappoint you !!!


Nice work Dylan and thanks !

Eric - Penang

BMW 335i Bi-Turbo yr 2007 (E92)

At the beginning I was not sure whether to remap or just do the piggy back onto my car. So many opinions from so many people that make me more confuse. But after Dylan remapped my car, my feeling cannot be better. I am a very happy customer!


Dylan is very knowledgeable and patience with his job, and that’s the most important thing. He will not finished his work on my car until he himself are satisfied with the result. My car to my opinion already a powerful car but the feeling of an unleash power hogging me up.


What he done to my car:


He has remapped the ECU until my hair standing (power surge) while driving the car now. There are an explosive of power increase and it’s very useable, the power surging came in smoothly. The maximum torque came earlier now, as early as 3300 rpm and maintain all the way. The power delivery is so smooth you feel like driving a factory tuned car but yet very powerful.


Horse Power increase is tremendous. The Dyno Graph shown how smooth the curve is. The power been delivered from the beginning and max at 5500 rpm and maintain there. The low, mid & top end power is like a beast that needs to be tame but the way it been delivered is what impressed me most.


Turbo lag is like none. My initial dead spot or jerky power delivery no longer occurs. My fuel consumption surprise me!!! Its almost 20% fuel saver now! I don’t have to step deep onto the throttle for a certain speed. I can’t wait to see what is my long distance mileage would be.


Overall Dyno result speaks it loud. Dylan, you are free to publish the graph. I recommend Dylan service to anybody, no doubt.


Zainy - KL

Mitsubishi Lancer GT 2.0 155hp

After remapped, my car is "Totally Under My Control" now. The moment I step on it (accelerate) I can feel d difference A LOT! (on d positive side).The only word I can say is-STEAM!!
Terima kasih banyak-banyak Dylan.

"Dylan, I really need helmet!"

Tai - Penang

Peugeot 308THP 140hp '10

Dear Dylan,
Thank you for your advise and knowledge on performance improvements for my peugeot 308thp.

I was very impressed on the first remapping as I can feel the difference in torque and throttle response-faster pickup and better fuel consumption on highways. I truly appreciate your passion and hours spent till late nights just to get the 'note'. Now that is what I called passion.

And because of this passion you have transformed my car into something amazing. My gps captured me doing 234kmh on a highway and I believe that you have the picture of that. Now I called that a bonus as my objective for a remap is to make the engine more efficient. consumption on highways is about 1000km per full tank keeping to speed limit.

Keep up that passion and spread this passion!

XXX - Kuantan



17/11/10 - Last nite I averaged 210kmh for 240km. half tank used. Not too sure about the mileage yet. Will do a test again on saturday.


18/11/10 - Btw,just got back from my service centre...conversation with technician there:-
"Bang, kereta ni ada modified ke? power lain dari semua 308 turbo yang hantar service sini.kereta ni kalau tekan kuat,dia terkam. kalau ada kereta depan sure sondol..."
My answer was biasa aje,mungkin vpower racing kut...

What a day...
Cheers from a satisfied 'dktuning' customer

Peugeot 308THP 140hp '10
I have just had my car remapped two days ago and I would like to relate my experience. Overall, Dylan is very knowledgeable and passionate about the job he does. He does not hesitate to help you and understand your queries as I did ask him tonnes of questions. The amount of numbers and graphs on his laptop show the amount of hard work and passion he pours on the Pug 308 maps alone! Certainly someone that you can depend on and as he has experience mapping 308s, I trusted that he will treat my car as his own.
Dylan said that the car needs to be run around 200-300KM before the ECU gets familiarized with the map. However, on first run, I did notice a difference in torque, especially from 2K-3K RPM band. The biggest difference can be felt in 1st gear as the Pug is notorious for having a weak 1st gear. I was surprised at the torque pull as low as 2K RPM. In fact, I had to readjust the throttle position during bumper to bumper traffic jams as the Pug now feels eager to launch off. The max speed I tested was up to 170KM/H and the engine felt torquey enough to pull even further.
I would expect performance to improve after 200-300KM and overall, I would say that it's recommended to remap your car as I doubt that you can get anything else that gives the car such a big increase in power for the price that is quoted.

JG - Penang


Translated from Chinese Version:
I sincerely appreciate DKTUNING to rescue my Smart Fortwo which has been in coma for a while.

About a month ago, I came across some performance maps in ebay. The price was cheap so I didn't hesitate at all when buying it. I started to remap the car myself with the program tool I bought earlier. Unfortunately, the attempt of remapping myself put my car into coma and the whole process merely went through 4% but it just stopped there! I contacted the ebay seller. What I got back from him was my tool has problem, furthermore, he wanting me to send my expensive ECU over for repairing if I need it to be done. I didn't...and I lost trust on him. Poor little car is completely dead then! I really got tricked badly by the ebay seller and a new ECU will cost me nearly RM9k.

I recalled a website which I visited few months back and they did remap Smart before. I quickly contacted Dylan and he got my problem identified step by step. Finally, I understand the problem because I didn't get a map file tuned according to my ECU SW/HW.

Finally my request has fitted into Dylan's schedule. He flew into JB. I was told beforehand that if 1st level of work cannot solve the problem, he might need to bring back my ECU for 'operation'. It is kind of tricky as he had to check the ECU identity carefully because my original map was gone by my own remapped! On top of that problem, there are around 10 SW for the Smart Fortwo! If 1st trial wasn't successful, we will have to try one after another, and each original map is costing GBP50 >.< but Dylan is giving me the 1st original map for free! After detail analysis, the first original map was forced written into the ECU.

Miracle happened!! Dylan's skillful prediction and careful analysis worked as 1st SW original map suits my ECU! My car is alive again, I have been longing for this engine sound! The happiness is even greater than winning a lottery XD. Dylan asked me to run my car and get the feel before he remaps it, meantime he works on the performance map. I reconised the original power of my car and it is already quite powerful.

The entire remap process of doing new map and load it in took 30 mins. We both went for a test drive this time. 1st gear, I felt a little difference as its not my habit of hard accelerating in 1st gear. Once I entered 2nd gear, I thought, "Oh gosh! Is this my car?" The torque and power is so much different compared to original map! The pull is so consistent and continuous. Same kind of feeling in all other gears. My gear change is faster now and turbo boost from 0.8 to 1.3. The car goes up hill easily at low rev and top speed from original 135kph to 162kph!!

Finally after Dylan fought with the ECU for several hours, he had to leave for Penang. I sincerely thank Dylan, not only he rescued my car but also turned it a performance car! I do hope car lovers who plan to D.I.Y. a Remap, please do not do this at home. A slight mistake will definitely destroy the ECU, loosing money and time! This is my experience.

I observed throughout the entire process and realised Dylan has got the professionalism and passion! This experience help me realise ECU remap is NOT a game! It requires experience and skill.

Thanks Dylan, Thanks DK Tuning!!!

Chinese Version

ERIC - Johor Bahru

Peugeot 308THP 140hp '10
I have just remapped my THP last Friday. Initial feedback is that the car instantly felt lighter on the pedal. Throttle became more responsive and engine revs faster and easier. It definitely felt more powerful and gear change seemed smoother. Engine note sounded more compact. I didn't dyno my car. I have not gauged my FC as my driving style has suddenly became more aggresive!
FYI, before the remap I noticed plenty of "blind spots" where when power was needed it got stuck in between gears and I either needed to downshift to utilize the power or floor my pedal. After the remap, I encountered thus far only 1 "blind spot".
Dylan had flashed my ECU with an updated map about 2 weeks ago. This later map is even better than the previous one. Now the power delivery is very smooth. It makes me feel as if I am driving a 5-speeder instead of our 4.

My fuel consumption never improve. In fact it got worse as I now drive very aggressively. My brake pads should worn out faster too!

JS - Penang


28/11/10 - I managed to breach 200 km/h easily just now after I dropped my grandma off at Sungai Dua, Butterworth. I still have a lot more to step on my throttle. I didn't try further as I was already approaching the JPJ area where the number of cars are more.

Audi A4 2010 B8 1.8T

I thought my first remap done by a Singaporean company was already good enough when compared to stock standard. After you double remapped my ride now, I was impressed there still was a reasonably large room of improvement ontop of the 1 remap by the other company. Your map has so much more low end torque and now my car pulls confidently at any rev.

BTW, I performed my 2nd service yesterday. After that never been better! Thanks bro. Keep up the good work.

LAU - Penang

Renault Kangoo 1.4 (Auto)

I would like to thanks DKTUNING for remapping and testing my Renault Kangoo (1.4)06 last two week.

After remapped, I am glad that perform of my car more powerful, smooth and quick response especially overtaking. I really enjoyed and satisfied with my car performance now!!!!

Thanks again and Cheers!

LEE - Petaling Jaya

Mercedes CLK 240 (V6, 2.6 litre) '03
I have been very happy with the remapping performed by Dylan. The car has been running for a month now and I definitely notice the difference - more torque on tap means smoother, instant acceleration translating to quicker response. My trip computer tells me I am about 10% more fuel efficient - a bonus on top of the improved performance.

The car used to miss out a little in mid range acceleration but now it feels strong. It was not designed to be a pocket rocket as it is quite heavy but you would not feel it lacking in power. It is more of a high speed cruiser and it does that very well. Plenty of overtaking power and I do notice the improvement here after remapping. Dylan has made my car which is nice to drive even better. A good job at a reasonable price. Dylan has brought the knowledge and expertise of PiasiniEngineering to us in Malaysia.


Peugeot 407 2.0cc 140hp '10 (N/A Engine)

Few months ago, my friend decided to remap his car and he invited me to join him as well. From then on, we started our tuner-hunting activities online, and we had decided that we would engage a "Reputable Singapore Tuner" to remap our car's ECU.

After the remapping session was done (there were 2 errors during uploading of maps to the ECU which the tuner said it's something common). After remapping was done, I tested the car and I couldn't feel any improvement on the car's performance but then the "reputable tuner" told me that my car's ECU needed time to adapt to the new settings and asked me to finish 2 full tanks of gas before getting the engine on a dyno machine.

2 days went by where I had finished a tank and to my surprise the performance gained on a dyno machine was a negative one - minus 4 hp to be exact, and now the car fuel consumption was super duper high - 14.5l/100km while cruising smoothly at 60km/h. I called the tuner and he said he can't do anything except to refund ONLY partial of the fee I paid him. And if I wanted him to fix the issues, I need to drive all the way to Singapore for him to do that, but then I wouldn't get any refund. Which I later had to tell him to properly F*&% himself and refund partial of the fee.

Then came DK tuning to the rescue of my car, he remapped my car back to the stock map before upgrading mine to better maps (more than 8 maps) which we have improved and managed to gain more horsepower each time we improve the map after analysing the dyno chart.

I would like to sincerely thank Dylan of DK tuning coming to my rescue and managed to squeeze those extra horses out of my car. I felt that it is my responsibility as a car lover to remind all car owners who are searching extra powers for their machine, please believe me when I say that DK tuning is a respectable and professional tuner that your car's ECU is craving for. 

The knowledge, technical expertise and professionalism of DK tuning will make sure that you and your car can sleep soundly at night as your car has been tuned by the best remapper in Malaysia.

WL - Penang

Honda CRV 2.0cc i-vtec 150hp '08 (3rd Gen)

I've been a fan of Honda CRV since the 1st generation came out. It has DOHC engine and it can accelerate decently once you cross the 3500 rpm, ie behave like a normal 2 litre car, if you don’t mind the poor fuel consumption. But when I changed to the latest 3rd generation CRV 2 years ago, that has a SOHC engine. I found to my horror the mid range acceleration does not come until it reach above 4000rpm. Any thought of overtaking a Proton Waja has to be planned way ahead. Thought of turbo charging it came to my mind  but it was inadvisable in a relatively new car and no guaranties it will work well.

Until Dylan of DK Tuning came along with a option that I was sceptical at first. A remapping of my car ECU. Mind you CRV is no pushover when it comes to speed, it has 150 hp and is stable at high speed. I frequent 180kph on highways to Johor. To convince me, we first tested the time it takes for a 0-100kph acceleration, in the original ECU map, it was 13 seconds. The maximum torque only came at 4200 rpm. We decided to quicken the maximum torque to 3500 and eliminate any lag in the power gain from 3500 to 5500rpm. It sounds simple enough but it took Dylan and team the whole night to extract the ECU reading and remapping it. It  showed you Honda is pretty tight in not letting anyone touch their ECU map.

The results was amazing, I could accelerate from 0-100kph in 11 seconds and there is no loss or lag in the acceleration until I reach 150kph or 5500rpm. That means I can overtake quickly from 120kph could reach 160kph easily. My car behaves more like a continental car now. Thanks, Dylan!

JOSEPH - Petaling Jaya


Volkswagen Golf MK 6 2.0cc 211hp '10

I'd like to thank Dylan for turning my GTI into a full blown Pocket Rocket. The remapping went well and my car responded instantly after the remap. She's now an even bigger pleasure to drive. Initially I was a bit hesitant on the remap

as there are many cases of bad and neverending problems but rest assured Dylan did a great job and has given assurances in the after sales service department. Good on you Dylan. Thanks again on turning my pony into a race horse. Cheers!

C.C. - Petaling Jaya


Peugeot 407 2.0cc 140hp '10 (N/A Engine)

After re-mapping, it is more pleasurable driving the car. It runs smoother. Before remap, there was a very light jerk during the gear change from 2nd to 3rd. Now it's gone. Driving the car feels more torquey. 2nd gear now pulls as strong as 1st gear before remap. The revving up from 4000 RPM to 6000 RPM is swifter. The rpm limit has also increased from 6000 rpm to 6400rpm.

But what matters most was the service - excellent after sales support. Thanks Dylan!

DAN - Kuala Lumpur

Smart ForFour 1.5 Petrol 107hp '05 (N/A engine)
Started the engine, sounded normal.
Revved it a little while it was stationary, and I immediately noticed the throttle was lighter! The RPM was going up without much resistance. That's promising I thought.
Took it for a spin around my neighbourhood. "Oh boy! This is what I've wanted!" I thought.
The initial pull from low RPM's were faster and more brute. So was the mid and all the way to the red line!
It was so much easier to pull, the power felt so much more linear while it was going up.
Gone were the low to mid rpm lags I used to get which made me think twice sometimes to put my foot down on the pedal.
Now the car is so much more eager to push and it allows me to.
A definite increase in power and torque. Driving everyday to college is real pleasure, to just stick to a high gear and cruise and still overtake without shifting down!
There was one stretch on the Duke highway after I exit from a long corner and come back to a straight which goes uphill a little, the car used to struggle in the low to mid rpm's. But now thanks to the increased torque the pull is so constant and almost effortless I was smiling from ear to ear!
Oh and I smoked two BIG VTEC's the other day! 

A definite upgrade for anyone looking for that extra 'Oooooomph!'

Thank you DK Tuning!

NAVIN - Setapak

Ssangyong Rexton 2.7 XDI 164hp '05 (TURBO DIESEL)

I don't know how to put in words, i am really happy and enjoy with the new performance. I just came back from KL, doing 110 to 170 at ease ..hihihihi.fuel consumption at 61 km per RM10, need another week before i can tell you the exact figure of usual route.( previously at 56km per RM10).

On 1st gear the pick-up still a bit hesitate but has improve, i think these is set up for safety reason preventing me from jumping the car in front of me.


standing still and on 1st gear the RPM also slightly low than stock setting but the engine run smooth as usual..( i'm sure for safety reason too). acceleration is great, BMW X5 530 eat diesel smoke..hihihihihihi(race from taiping to ipoh)

top speed still maintain at 195 km/h, RPM at 4000..i think the gearbox or the new program has some sort of limiter, even downhill it won't go further....but still beat Merz CLK C200 Kompresor..mmmmm ( the CLK must have speed limit 180km/h)


but i can assure you  the power is great on hilly road ( kuala kangsar - ipoh-kuala kangsar)..i can't even test the speed there, it scared me..previously i can do 120 to 130 max climbing on 4th...but now i don't even touch the gear lever and easyly can go 150(and still going!!!)


torque kick in from low 1400rpm(before only can feel at 2300rpm)....the best from 2300rpm(120km/h) to 3000rpm(150km/h) on 5th. Turbo lag hardly felt ( below 1400rpm only)

as for the engine noise....mmmm it's "sound of ready for race"ha ha ha ha..and of cause the car is more drivable , easier for overtaking.


The black smoke when accelerate almost gone. The engine always ready "to go" at any RPM.


I'm glad too that I chose remap over tuning box, it is a prove that for any performance tuning - choose ECU Remap!

NIK - Kedah

Fiat Bravo II 1.4cc T-Jet 150hp  '09

Car is definitely more responsive and have a proper spread across the rev range. Now can really use 6th gear more often.



T.T. - Petaling Jaya

Mitsubishi Lancer 1.6cc GLX (with CVT INVECS-III) - '08
My car fuel consumption got improve n top speed not try yet! Throttle pedal feel lighter n more respond! If possible to let the aircon system independent will be more ideal cos it draw a lot power from engine.


LIEW - Petaling Jaya / Singapore

Fiat Bravo II 1.4cc T-Jet 150hp  '09
After tuning I drove 2 times oni but u can really feel d difference. I still remember the car wheel spin for the first time, right after the remap the
other day. Gud job!!!


CP - Petaling Jaya


Before remap, I usually drive on half to 3/4 pedal position as I drive fast.
But now, the pedal is so sensitive that I need to use the first 1/4! THe car
is so light now....i also realise I don't need to know what gear before
overtaking coz it has tremendous power anytime. 6th gear is useable, finally!
Oh yes, I also can hear that the engine is not so suffering during 5th and
6th gear in low speed. The gearchange jerk also improve! Thx so much. My baby
is so much more easy to drive and comfort.

SW - Penang


Thanks to Dylan, really appreciated bout his work for ECU Remap to my smart 42. Now my car is already become powerful... before that, my car just got the stock map and it slow with tiny turbo... but now after Remap, i can say that, it become the different car!!~ *experience to be believed. About the map test, after remap, my car have been to dyno and it gave me from stock 61bhp to 75bhp,it improved power and torque which start to pull earlier and for the boost, it from 0.8bar to 1.3bar. After experienced on the road, i got smoother gear change, that what i'm really need for our dump gearbox. about the engine, it become quieter.

so for conclusion, Dylan done a great job and service!



"Much better acceleration from standstill! Fuel consumption improved from 14km/L to 17km/L on same speed on Penang Bridge."


"After a few maps, the fuel consumption of this map is better than earlier. Summary

Stock: 12.5L/100km

Tuningbox: 11.2L/100km

Your remap: 10.5L/100km


Very good torque during low rpm - as what I want. Very rare to touch over 2300rpm as very powerful even below 2000rpm. Can tackle hilly road @ 1700rpm liao. That's why fuel consumption is very low (maintaining 1400-1600rpm only for PG use. After 2200rpm the car really fly!"


Landrover Freelander II 2.2 TD4 160hp 2009 - PENANG

"The power gain after 3,000rpm is really crazy! It is such a joy to smoke almost any car that gets on my way on NS highway. ;) "

VW Tiguan 2.0 TFSI '10 - PENANG

"Thanks for remap for the CRV. Much much better, more pickup now. Can feel the difference."


Honda CRV Gen3 '06 - PETALING JAYA

"Can't really try to d max, so many cars on d hgway tadi, but d most noticeable between 2k to 3k rpm@@@ Faster than b4!! 2morrow i gonna try again n will let u know. so far very puas hati! Nice touch, bro."

BMW 318i E46 1.9L '99 - KUALA LUMPUR

"Nice Dylan. Much better response at traffic lights. Went tru the back way and immediately appeared at Kemuning junction w/o hitting Kesas at all. Much nicer to drive now. Thank you."


Landrover Discovery II TD5 115hp - PETALING JAYA

The car is running fine at the moment. Very Aggressive and fun to drive. I still have not had the time to install some of the parts that I got from Singapore. So far I got the intake and exhaust done.

Fuel efficiency has improved at least 2x better. I can now drive for an additional 2-3 days before refueling. 

Mitsubishi EVO X 300hp 6-SST '10 - KUCHING

"I am quite happy with the new re-map. Went to Ipoh and had an enjoyable experience with good pick up and power going up the hills. "

Mercedes CLK200K 163hp W209 - PENANG


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