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Being a very result oriented remapping company, we aim to list out as many figures to proof our work as possible, which does not only include the common reference of Dyno chart but 1/4 mile & rolling start timing. As we will upload data from time to time, check out our website frequently!

Dyno Chart 1/4 Mile Timing Rolling Start

DYNOCHART provides a guideline of the horsepower & torque (AFR on some machines) an engine produces. It is a popular mean of measurement for modification done. However, a Dynochart is not a complete representation on how drivable a car is!


Another mistake most people made when analysing a dynochart is to look at the peak gain alone. We are not going to drive around at 6,000rpm all the time, are we? Proper way is to analyse the overall average gain and how the curve changes in low, mid and top end of the engine revolution.


Take a look at the Dynochart of popular cars on the road here.

Click to view Dynocharts

Alfa Mito 1.4 16v T-Jet 155hp

Audi A4 1.8T TFSI 160hp (B8) '09

Audi A4 1.8T TFSI 160hp (B8) '12

Audi A4/ VW Golf V 2.0cc TFSI 200hp

Audi A4/ VW Golf VI 2.0cc TFSI 211hp (with Exhaust)

BMW 318i E46 143hp

BMW 335i e90 306hp

BMW X1 2.0 184hp twinscroll NEW!

Chevrolet Cruze 1.8 '11

Ford Focus 2.0L TDCi 136hp

Honda Civic 1.8cc i-vtec 140hp

Honda CRV 2.0cc i-vtec 150hp

Lotus Elise 1.8cc 192hp

Fiat Bravo 1.4cc T-Jet 150hp

Fiat Grande Punto T-Jet 120hp

Mazda 6 2.5 2009 170hp

Mini Cooper S 163hp

Mercedes CLK200 Kompressor 163hp

Mitsubishi Lancer 2.0 GT 155hp

Renault Kangoo 1.4A 75hp

Peugeot 407 2.0cc VVT 140hp

Peugeot 308 1.6cc THP 140hp

Proton Inspira 1.8M

Suzuki Swift Sport 1.6cc 125hp

Smart ForTwo Passion/Pulse 61hp (HP)

Smart ForTwo Passion/Pulse 61hp (Torque)

Ssangyong Rexton 270 XDi 165hp

VW Golf MK6 2.0cc FSI 211hp

VW Golf MK6 1.4cc TSi 160hp


1/4 MILE TIMING are done with air conditioning off, auto transmission in Normal mode with no special launching method to maintain consistency of timed report. Usually timed with 2 person (owner included) in the car unless otherwise specified.

Proscan software is used to automatically measure the timing automatically & accurately.


Why the hassle of 1/4 mile & Rolling Start?

1. Not all cars are easily dynoed, especially 4WD cars in cities without a 4WD dyno facility.

2. It provides real life timing and response during acceleration & overtaking.

3. Provides better visualisation how fast a car can go in terms of timing, instead of HP & Torque.

4. Better measurement towards an improved DRIVABILITY.

5. Wind resistance, gearchange speed and car mass are factored in the test.

Audi TTS 265hp (Double Remap)

Audi A4 1.8T TFSI 160hp (B8)

BMW 318i 2.0L 143hp E46

BMW 335i 3.0L Bi-Turbo E92

BMW X1 2.0 184hp Twinscroll NEW!

BMW X6 35i 3.0L Bi-Turbo

Chevrolet Cruze 1.8 2011

Citroen DS4 1.6THP 200 MT '12

Fiat Bravo 1.4 T-Jet 150hp 6MT(owner)

Fiat Bravo 1.4 T-Jet 150hp 6MT(dylan)

Ford Focus II 2.0L TDCi 136hp - 173hp Stage 1.0

Ford Focus II 2.0L TDCi 136hp - 183hp Stage 1.2

Ford Focus II 2.0L TDCi 136hp - 193hp Stage 1.5

Honda CRV 2.0 Gen III 2008

Landrover Discovery II 2.5L TD5 138hp

Landrover Discovery IV 2.7L TDV6 190hp

Landrover Freelander 2.0L TD4 125hp

Landrover Freelander II 2.2L TD4 160hp 2009

Mazda 6 2.5 2009

Mercedes CLK270 CDI (W209) 2003

Mini Cooper S 1.6T 175hp R56 (Stage 2)

Mitsubishi Lancer GT 2.0L 155hp

Mitsubishi Evolution X 300hp 6-SST (Local spec + 4person onboard)

Mitsubishi Evolution X 300hp 6-SST (JDM spec)

Mitsubishi Pajero Sports 2.5 VGT 2012

Peugeot 308THP Stage 1

Peugeot 308THP Stage 1 (3 person)

Proton Inspira 2.0 CVT 2011

Renault Kangoo 1.4A

Smart Roadster 0.7T 82hp

VW Golf MK6 2.0cc TSI 210hp  

VW Golf MK6 1.4cc TSI 160hp

^ Manual transmission timing may varies between drivers.



Example (Smart 0.7 Turbo) Loading others soon...
  Stock Remapped
0-100kph  16.44 sec 14.50 sec
40-100kph in 4th Gear 13.80 sec 12.07 sec
80-120kph in 5th Gear 20.50 sec 12.51 sec
Top speed in 5th gear    135kph  160kph 
Top speed in 6th gear 135kph  153kph 
Boost Level in 1/2/3 gear    0.7 bar 1.1-1.3 bar
Boost level in 4/5 gear  0.8 bar 1.2-1.4 bar
Boost level in 6th gear    0.6 bar 1.25 bar
Dynoed max HP     61 @ 5,000rpm. 75.3 @ 5,000rpm.
Dynoed max Torque (Nm)  95 @ 4,000rpm.  111.4 @ 4,500rpm.

VIDEOS of Before & After Remap

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