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For the best engine protection and upkeep a continuous peak engine performance, we recommend the best of lubricants to our clients.


Special Privilege for our existing customers who has had their car(s) remapped by DKTUNING! Contact us with your order for a special discount!!!

Mail order available now! Courier charge starts from RM12 for first 4kg






Torco have been producing specialist high performance racing oils and lubricants since 1950. Whether it be for automotive, motorcycle or watercraft use, you’ll find a product which outperforms the rest.

SR-1 is a selective cross blend of highly advanced 100% synthetic base oils and proprietary additives aimed at power efficiency and engine protection. SR-1's performance is not compromised by standardized additive technology or by our competitors' price points, it is simply a purpose built, specialty formula designed to exceed the demands of high performance Japanese, European and US sports cars.

A combination of Generation-2 MPZ and low friction base oils reduce frictional losses to increase horsepower and torque by as much as 3%. A premium polymer and additive system controls viscosity for long term durability, maximum engine protection and eliminate engine deposits. Torco SR-1 is the ultimate in high performance synthetic motor oil technology. No other synthetic motor oil meets the performance and protection benefits of SR-1. Read More...


Viscosity: 10w-30, 10w-40



SR1 Motor Oil: RM82/L

SR1 Racing Oil: RM88/L

Developed under the most severe racing conditions, Torco SR-5 offers the highest level of performance and protection for highly modified race engines. SR-5 utilizes Group IV/V synthetic base oil chemistries and additive technologies engineered to with stand extreme loads, constant severe temperatures and maximum engine revolutions. SR-5 utilizes Torco's race specific MPZ® technology which reduces frictional losses for maximizing horsepower and torque.


Torco TR-1 Racing Motor Oil comes from an original series of motor oils called MPZ Racing Oils. MPZ Racing Oils have a long history of accomplishments in many forms of racing dating back to the 50's. TR-1 is simply the next generation of the original chemistries and carries out a tradition of superior performance. TR-1 is a special blend of hydro processed petroleum base stocks, special polymers and proprietary additive systems focused on superior performance and engine protection. TR-1 is a tried and proven race formula that offers excellent thermal stability under extreme RPM and high operating temperatures of modern racing engines. It is an MPZ® fortified formula which provides unequalled anti-friction, anti-wear and minimizes frictional losses for increased power. TR-1 protects against scuffing, galling and metal transfer for longer engine life. Read more...


Viscosity: 5w-30, 5w-40



SR5 Motor Oil: RM109/L




Torco Accelerator is not just another fuel additive, It's simply a RACE FUEL CONCENTRATE! With many of the same additives our winning race fuel possesses, Torco Accelerator is a blend of components which will transform the make up of premium pump gas to closely resemble race fuel.

Torco Accelerator will transform the make up of premium pump gas to closely resemble race fuel. Creates greater efficiency…. more horsepower!

• Can raise the Octane of your fuel as high as 105.
• You can customize your blend to fit your needs.
• Won’t harm sensitive O2 sensors or catalytic converters.
• Multiple high performance applications -street or race car, motorcycle, watercraft, snowmobile, ATV or UTV, whether carbureted, injected, turbocharged, or supercharged.

Torco Accelerator great for powersports. It will lower the end burn temperature which will make your fuel burn more complete thus releasing all of the power that your engine has to offer. Efficiency equals horsepower! All this while raising the octane of your fuel. Un-chain yourself from the drum! Read more...


Price: RM30.00



Torco RCL Racing Cylinder Lube is engineered with proprietary additives that apply a low friction lubricant film onto upper cylinders that normally run dry. After combustion of fuel in the combustion chamber, a lubricating film of Torco RCL remains to coat and protect the rings, pistons and cylinder walls. This allows free movement of pistons, increasing horsepower and fuel economy while reducing wear and lowering friction and heat. The proprietary additives in Torco RCL keep combustion chambers and fuel injectors clean. Read More...

• Completely oil soluble
• Fuel savings
• Ultimate protection for pistons, rings and cylinders
• Lubrication and cleaning of injectors
• Elimination of valve deposits
• Maximum horsepower, especially at high RPM
• Freer revving engine
• Lower operating temperatures
• Prevention of pre-detonation

Price: RM38.00


For other product prices, please inquire.

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Kuwait Petroleum International was established 1983, the international arm of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) ,under its distinctive “Q8 sails” logo, refines and markets fuel, lubricants and other petroleum derivatives to a diverse customer base across Europe. When it was launched in 1986, the Q8 brand was an instant success. Its strength and originality made it stand out from competing brands, earning us rapid recognition and awareness in the market places. Today almost 20 years after conception it is still being used as an example of good logo design.


Q8 Oils has a unique, innovative and progressive approach when it comes to producing some of the world’s finest quality lubricants. Manufactured in its state-of-the-art plant in Leeds, Q8Oils represent the very best and latest in lubricant technology and delivers this direct to customers across the Industrial and Automotive sectors.

The Q8 Oils range of passenger car oils has been developed in the laboratory, on the race track and on the road. Today the Q8 Formula range represents the pinnacle of engine oil technology; protecting components whilst helping to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. The Q8Oils range includes all categories of passenger car lubricants such as gear & transmission oils, for all the major motor vehicle manufacturers.

The Formula F1 is a full synthetic petrol engine oil developed for the British Touring Car Championships. It offers the ultimate protection for high performance petrol engines. The Excel range is a full synthetic 5W-40 lubricant designed to provide optimum engine protection. Its low viscosity, high quality formulation, helps increase fuel efficiency and release engine power in high performance motor cars. Suitable for petrol and diesel engines.

A part synthetic, fuel-efficient oil for manufacturers who require this level of performance and specification. Techno 5W-30 is particularly suitable for high performance motor cars with multivalve engines and catalysts. The preferred engine oil for modern Ford power units. The Formula Advanced is a part synthetic engine oil for high performance petrol and diesel engines. It improves fuel efficiency, reduces oil consumption, eases cold weather starting and reduces engine wear.







Mineral 15w-40 (1L/4L): RM28/RM105

Semi Synthetic 10w-40 (1L/4L): RM41/RM152

Fully Synthetic 5w-40 (1L/4L): RM57/RM220


For other product prices, please inquire.

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International Lubricants, Inc., maker of LUBEGARD® automotive products, is a leading manufacturer of both automotive and industrial lubricants representing quality, performance and value in today's demanding market, and has led the industry in developing environmentally safe, seed-based lubricants.

International Lubricants, Inc. (ILI) pioneered the use of Liquid Wax Esters through their LUBEGARD® products, with patented LXE® technology. LUBEGARD® Automatic Transmission Fluid Protectant is the number one product used in the professional transmission rebuild industry, and the only product of its kind to be used and approved by major automobile manufacturers(OEMs). Read more

Price: RM80


LUBEGARD® Bio Tech Engine Protectant Test-proven, the best protection against metal wear. Eliminate harmful cold starts and improve engine performance. Increases power, mileage and oil life. Read more


Price: RM65


LUBEGARD® Engine Flush Properly cleans gums, varnishes and deposits. Preparing any engine before adding new oil. For use with or without a flush machine!

Read more

Price: RM65

LUBEGARD® ATF Protectant

The number one product used in the professional transmission rebuild industry, and the only product of its kind to be used and approved by major automobile manufacturers -- SAAB, Peugeot, BMW, and Volvo, to name a few.


LUBEGARD PLATINUM® Universal ATF Protectant Eliminates the confusion of multiple ATF applications. Simply use with any required ATF. Or use to enhance DEXRON/ MERCON ATF to perform like MERCON® V or any highly friction modified ATF.


LUBEGARD® Highly Friction Modified-ATF Supplement Eliminate the need to stock multiple highly friction modified OEM ATFs. Provides all the benefits of Lubegard ATF Protectant. Read More

Price: RM98

KOOL-IT® Supreme Coolant Treatment is chemically engineered to reduce the surface tension of coolant, thus allowing it to more deeply penetrate metal surfaces at vital heat-transfer areas. This decreases operating temperatures and significantly reduces the possibility of engine overheating. Read more

  • Protects all metals from chemical electrolysis

  • Provides unsurpassed cooling system corrosion protection

  • Enhances heat transfer and reduces operating temperatures

  • Prevents deposits and contamination which lead to overheating

  • Reduces water pump, impeller and intake manifold pitting

  • Reduces wet-sleeve cylinder liner cavitation erosion

  • Corrects coolant pH balance

  • Only coolant protectant with built-in pH indicator (for use only in straight water applications)

  • Prevents warranty claims

  • Extends coolant life up to five years

  • Compatible with all types of antifreeze

Price: RM65


For other product prices, please inquire.

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For motorists who demand the best
For more than a century, Millers Oils have developed and supplied advanced engine oil, gearbox oil, lubricant and fuel additive for a wide spectrum of automotive, commercial vehicle and industrial applications, working hard to keep our customers in the lead.


Range: Engine Oil, Gearbox Oil, Hydraulic Oil and Industrial Oil for all applications


High specification diesel fuel treatment for enhanced combustion efficiency and engine cleanliness, now with improved detergency.


For use in all Diesel vehicles including modern Euro IV compliant engines.
By addition to fuel in the ratio 1 part to 1000 parts [1 ml/L]. May also be used at double strength for additional performance.

• New pleasant citrus fragrance.
• Diesel Power ECOMAX is a modern state of the art fuel treatment that is suitable for all Diesel engines, especially Euro IV emission-compliant vehicles, which also provides a tangible improvement to vehicle performance.
• Enhanced detergency package for quicker clean up and prolonged injector cleanliness.
Increases cetane rating of Diesel by 4 numbers.
• Improved throttle and engine response at lower revs designed to offer the best of both power and economy.
• Protection of fuel system components against wear, with specially added lubricity enhancers.
• Engine smoothness, noise reduction and fuel savings confirmed by users.
• Improved combustion and engine cleanliness drastically reduces emissions of hydrocarbons (HC) and carbon dioxide.
• Provides fuel system corrosion control.
• Prevents fuel from ageing.


Treats 10x tanks of 50 Litre

Price: RM108.00


An octane booster and detergent package adding 2 octane numbers to unleaded fuel.


For use in all petrol engines.
By addition to fuel in the ratio 1 part to 1000 parts [1 ml/L].
• Increases octane rating of fuel by 2 numbers.
• Improved efficiency and cleanliness of petrol injectors and carburettor jets.
• Efficient detergent package to clean and maintain “as new conditions” within the engine and fuel system.
• Reduces combustion chamber deposits and improves inlet manifold and valve cleanliness.
• Tests show sharper performance, smoother running engines and improved fuel consumption.
• Reduces emissions of hydrocarbons (HC) and carbon dioxide.
• Maintains catalyst efficiency and may invigorate catalytic convertors.
• Fully compatible with all commercially available pump fuels.

Treats 10x tanks of 50 Litre

Price: RM118.00

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Cleaner @ Regenerator

A one shot diesel additive designed to clean diesel particulate filters (DPF) reducing the regeneration temperature required to allow the trapped soot particles to be burnt off. Ensures a cleaner more efficient DPF.

By addition to the fuel tank prior to refuelling. One 250ml bottle treats 60 litres of fuel as a preventative measure, approximately every 2,000 miles (3,000 kms) Can be used more frequently if DPF blocking is a regular problem.
User Benefits

Short trips and stop start driving will mean lower exhaust gas temperatures and the regeneration of the DPF will not take place leading to blocking by trapped particulate matter. The engine will become inefficient and in some cases the warning light will illuminate requiring immediate action. This product provides the following:

  • One shot treatment for fast results without the expense of dismantling or renewal.

  • Lowers the temperature of regeneration assisting the removal of trapped soot particles. Highly suitable where short trip stop start driving is the norm.

  • Cleans the DPF, providing optimum fuel economy, reducing emissions and restoring engine power.

Price: RM58.00


For other product prices, please inquire.

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