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Remapping with a Result at! We specialises into providing quality ECU Remapping services for automotive & commercial vehicles. With our years of experience and partners' support, you can't go wrong with our remapping service. We also have the BIGGEST VEHICLE COVERAGE in the region!

A remap unleashes the hidden power in a vehicle without altering any exterior components or the need of performance parts. Read on to understand how we can help you get the biggest performance gain and improved drivability at the cheapest cost!  We are very much result oriented, hence our expanding Result Page. Check out the different types of performance measurement by means of Dynochart, 1/4 mile timing and Rolling Start timing.

What is ECU Remap or ECU Tuning?
ECU Tuning refers to the process of replacing the original factory installed map used by the ECU of a car, to a tuned version. Remapping is another word commonly used in the UK for the same meaning as ECU Tuning.

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