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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Can DKTUNING remaps all kinds of cars?

  2. Can the Service Centre or car dealer detects my car being remapped?

  3. Will the remap voids the car warranty?

  4. Is the work guaranteed?

  5. Will the fuel consumption increase after a Remap?

  6. Am I going to lose the new Map if I disconnect the battery or replace battery?

  7. Can I have the ‘remap’ be shared in more than one car?

  8. Will my car have better acceleration and top speed?

  9. I heard remapping is not cheap. Is that true?

  10. Are all remaps the same?

  11. I found other companies charging cheaper. Can you match them?

  12. How soon will I feel the effect of increased performance?

  13. Can my car take the additional stress from the increased HP & Torque?

  14. Do you guarantee the HP & Torque gain claimed?

  15. Can I reverse the remap to stock car?

  16. Why don’t manufacturers sell cars which are remapped?

  17. What is the difference between Piggyback and an ECU Remap?

  18. What about Tuning Box?

  19. Does it matter if my car is Automatic or Manual?

  20. I found very cheap price of remap on certain websites for Mitsubishi Lancer GT and Proton Inspira. Why the big price difference?

  21. Would you be tuning blindly without a Dyno Machine?


Can DKTUNING remaps all kinds of cars?

We can remap most cars of year 2000 or newer. You can find it in Vehicle List here. For those we cannot remap, we now have a new range of solutions which can be found in


Can the Service Centre or car dealer detects my car being remapped?

No, it cannot be detected. Service Centres use diagnostic machines which is unable to pick up any differences. A remap is done without any device installed, hence, the invisibility. The new map is encoded with your car identities such as chassis no, so everything remains ‘stealth’. 


Will the remap voids the car warranty?

Remapping is untraceable to most car makes so it should not affect your warranty with an exception to VAG Group vehicles.



Is the work guaranteed?

Yes, we perform the remap with the highest degree of care. All works carried out by us are guaranteed. However we do not warrant against wear and tears or damages your engine produces during your daily usage. Those are covered by your manufacturer’s warranty.


Will the fuel consumption increase after a Remap?

As a matter of fact, fuel economy will be better after a remap. The engine has better power and torque, which means your engine works less harder hauling the same car weight mass. As long as you don’t whack the gas pedal to the floor all the time and drive like a lunatic, your car should drink less fuel under normal driving. A remapped car should not consume more fuel than stock.


Am I going to lose the new Map if I disconnect the battery or replace battery?

No, the map stays in the ECU. The only way to loose it is when your car got stolen.

Jokes aside .... you will only lose the mapping if you replace your ECU with an entirely new unit. If that really happens, don’t worry. We will install it back for you!


Can I have the ‘remap’ be shared in more than one car?

Being Malaysian myself, I know what goes through your mind. Unfortunately, it is impossible. Each map is ‘made’ for a particular car with its identity such as chassis number and software version embedded into it. It would not work in a different car.


Will my car have better acceleration and top speed?

Yes! With the increase in engine performance, your car would perform much better. We usually would remove the speed limiter in your car during a remap so your car would definitely achieve a higher top speed.


I heard that remapping is not cheap. Is that true?

If you have owned an older car before, you would understand the following paragraph better:

Many mistaken the process of Remapping or ‘ECU Tuning’ to the job similar to your favourite foreman in the 90s. It involves tweaking the carburettor for air/fuel mixture and idling and then, adjusting ignition timing. He then would go for a test run, and readjust as necessary till he thinks its okay. Technology evolves in the 90s and then came the machine which reads out Air Fuel Ratio from sensors affixed at the exhaust, providing the mechanic a better visual for more accurate adjustments.


Gone are the days of manual adjustments. Modern cars today came equipped with complex computer controlled ignition and fuel mixture system, adaptive and computerised automatic gearboxes and now, the advent of fuel and power efficient systems such as VVT and Double VANOS. All these engines are closely looped and linked to the ECU which controls everything to make the engine works as efficient as possible.


The only ‘perfect’ way to alter these modern engines is through a Remap. The process and the R&D required for developing maps for the ECU is time consuming and costly. Each map developed is unique to that particular car make and model. It cannot be used for other model even for the same make. Tuners today do not make simple adjustments like the olden day’s foreman of tweaking the carburettors and ignition, but a whole lot more parameters than that. It is not an easy day for the Tuner to adjust all parameters to squeeze out the hidden power of the car engines with so many settings to tend to. There are passwords and protocols to crack too. More so, to ensure all the settings altered work harmoniously while maintaining or even improving the mileage.


Your remapped car would have the map in the car forever, hence, its a one-time investment for a lifetime thrill!


Are all remaps the same?
Absolutely not! Each company has their own tuning 'recipe'. Some remaps gain more power than the others. There are some good remaps done on a car but with a sacrifice on drivability. There are also companies who charge cheaper but lesser development works done on their map recipe.

Let's take a Bakery as an example. There are bakeries selling expensive buns and pastries which are very delicious while some sell at very cheap price tags which has texture and tastes slightly better than a cardboard. All bakeries serve good spread of buns and pastries, but not all had a perfect recipe. If some little part of recipe doesn't go right, the dough may not rise well, burnt on the surface while uncooked in middle, texture too rough, too sweet, etc. But well, the bakery still sell.....buns and pastries, just that it doesn't taste good.

At DKTUNING, we have once been in your shoes and we know just how difficult it is to choose the right company to remap our precious ride. We ensure all our performance maps are best possible in all areas whilst never sacrifice on our service level and professionalism in handling all our clients' cars. Our years of experience allowed us to perform very successful remap with the least problems.



I found other companies charging cheaper. Can you match them? Or should I go with the cheapest?


Let me relate a recent personal experience. I went to a tourist foodstreet hunting for Fried Oyster Omelette. There are 3 stalls there selling the same thing and I remembered 1 of them is tastier than the others, with their own homemade, well-matched chilli sauce. All I want is to order a plate of the best one because 1 plate is all I need. I used all possible memory to pinpoint which one was the good one. I asks the next tables for recommendations and surf up food blogs on my Android. I found the right one eventually and filled my tummy happily.

The price per plate wasn't relevant to me at that time. I did not shop for
the cheapest price. I feel its about the same when it comes to selecting a remapping company. A car needs only 1 remap to be perfect so deciding on the best one is very crucial, sometimes, cost isn't the primary deciding factor. I could order a second plate of the omelette if the 1st one wasn't the best because it costs less than RM10, but you can't simply do that for a remap.


We know we are not the only company providing remapping services but we have a very good recipe for the ECU! Good recipe are developed at a cost, fortunately, we do not charge you a fortune for a piece of this good map. Our remapping price starts from RM1,500. You may find that our prices are very reasonable as we are not the cheapest yet some others even charges nearly double of ours! We give you quality product and unrivalled level of service at reasonable price.



How soon will I feel the effect of increased performance?

Instantly! Although you might get more power gradually as the car is driven for a certain distance for the ECU to adapt with the new map.


Can my car take the additional stress from the increased HP & Torque?

Certainly! All parts in your car is designed with a wide tolerance of safety. It is quite  impossible to reach the limit of your car purely through remapping.


Do you guarantee the HP & Torque gain claimed?

We guarantee there is gain after the remap, and you would definitely feel it without even need to dyno the car. However, as not all cars are built equal from the car manufacturer, every car would perform and improve differently. A lot of people asked for guarantee but we simply cannot do that. No remapping companies in the world would guarantee such.


Can I reverse the remap to stock car?

Yes, we can do that upon request. However, I bet you wouldn’t want to after you have driven a remapped car.


Why don’t manufacturers sell cars which are remapped?

When vehicles are distributed throughout the world, most manufacturers adopt a one map fits all policy. This one map has to take into account many different factors that are necessary for each export country. Areas such as climate, emissions, fuel quality etc all have to be considered by the manufacturer. It is simply not economical enough for manufacturers to customise according to each market.

Another reason is for manufacturers to stage their different models according to the specs and target market. A particular car model may have 2 versions and wear different emblems at the boot cover. Manufacturers are able to sell these two models at different trimming levels, engine output figures at different prices, but they essentially have the same engine. Secret is purely in the mapping.


What is the difference between Piggyback and an ECU Remap?

Many mistaken an ECU Remap to installing a Piggyback. The difference is pretty big, as a matter of fact. As I am not a Piggyback expert, I shall try to provide a neutral insight and information obtained from experience and other websites.


There are many types of piggy backs in the market, each of them has their own unique functions so it is quite difficult to comment the weaknesses in piggyback specifically. To put it simply, a Piggy Back or A/F Controller basically takes LIMITED number of signals from your sensors and modifies them to trick your ECU into reading a different value. The ECU then would attempt to boost the engine performance by means of the modified signals.


There usually is an immediate power increment felt after the installation of a piggyback. However, we met many who installed piggyback reported to us their car returned to stock car performance after a certain period of time. The period ranges between 2 - 6 months, and some as short as 2 weeks! This could be possible because the modern ECU are intelligently designed to go against and adapt to the faulty signals it receive from the Piggyback module.


An ECU Remap operation replaces the original Map inside the ECU with a completely new tuned version. The ECU does not need to dwell with fault inputs but has all modified parameters in the new map working harmoniously. This is why a remapped vehicle experience same or even better fuel economy with increased yet smooth performance gain. Power gain is usually much higher than a piggyback installation, permanent, still maintaining good Air/Fuel Ratio and elimination of flatspot, which is something a piggyback does not provide.


Piggy back modifies perhaps less than 5 parameters whereas an ECU Remap involves tweaking 30-50 or more parameters. When a piggybacked ECU is struggling against the few fault inputs from the Piggyback module, Check Engine Light may appear on certain cars.



A bit more technical info for the Car Nuts / Knowledge Hungry:


Well doesn’t a A/F controller and piggy back computer control ignition timing?
Yes but not effectively. An A/F Controller takes readings from your MAF/MAP sensor and alters them trick your ecu into reading a different signal. And since all your maps are tied in together, your MAF/MAP sensor signal also will move where your ecu reads its ignition timing on the map. your MAF/MAP is not only used to maintain air/fuel, but its also used by the ecu to determine load, and load is used for determining timing advance, this has the side effect of fooling the ecu into advancing timing beyond what is safe. These readings will also effect where your cam angle is, which more then likely will not be at the optimal angle for your boosted application.


Newer piggy backs like the e-manage ultimate can control your ignition timing separately from your airflow readings, but there are still catches. You are able to change ignition timing maps but the e-manage simply changes the output signal the ECU sends to the coils. The problem is the ignition timing numbers are not always consistent with the changes you make to the load sensor, whether its your MAP/MAF sensor. So you are guessing the timing numbers. The stock ecu also has multiple maps it can run for different conditions so you are not always consistent with the tune.





What about Tuning Box?

Sometimes also called Performance Box, this device is to be affixed in the engine bay, usually applicable only among Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) or 4x4 pickups with Turbo Diesel Engines.


The idea behind the diesel performance box is to intercept the signal between the vehicle's ECU and fuel injection system via the common rail or fuel injectors. To understand how the tuning box actually works it is important to understand how the diesel engine works.

In a diesel engine it is only air that is drawn into the compression cylinder, this is then compressed and reaches a very high temperature. When the piston is nearing the end of its cycle fuel is injected into the chamber and ignites due to the high temperature of the air.  This gives the power to drive the piston down. There is extra air left in the cylinder after this process, sometimes as much as 50%.

Looking at the concept behind, turbo settings are not altered hence, turbo lag should still present. Boost level is maintained and torque curve does not shift but improved because more fuel is burned. All other effects of remapping are not available through installation of Tuning Box, unfortunately.

However, there are benefits with Tuning Box as compared to a remap. Its easy installation makes it popular for DIY enthusiast as well as performance / 4x4 shops. The box is also transferable to another car of similar engines.

DKTUNING also supply Tuning Boxes for all the 4x4 Turbo diesel engines. We would only propose this option for cars we could not remap.



Does it matter if my car is Automatic or Manual?

The software upgrade from us is very well adapted to the existing type of gearbox, to avoid trouble and provide the best performance, acceleration and drivabillity. We can remap vehicles with both Automatic and Manual transmission.



I found very cheap price of remap on certain websites for Mitsubishi Lancer GT and Proton Inspira. Why the big price difference?

In the late years, this specific remapping tools could be obtained at a reasonable price. Hobbyist saw the opportunity where they could copy out tuned map from pretuned car, and reload this into other cars to make a quick buck. They are not worried of a poor job because no one would complain over such a cheap price.



First of all, the cheap remap does not do a remap. They basically would flash in a 'so called' tuned map they extracted from other pretuned cars and load it into cars that goes to them for remapping. Usually they won't even read out the original map. Meaning, if you want them to flash back to original, they won't be doing it because they never save in the first place. All it takes is 2 mins.


- No after sales service

- No real tuning/remap done

- Original map will be lost

- No Warranty or Guarantee

- Car software identity will change following the source car

- File could be under or overtuned for your engine and gearbox

- Probability your car could not start due to the difference in software version



Real remapping involves copying out the original software from the car ecu, tune the software with the right knowledge using the right template, and load the performance copy into the car. We will have two copies of your car maps. Real custom remap like what we do takes about 2 hours, provided if the template is available for your ecu version. If it is not available, we got to send the software over to get the template fabricated first before we could start tuning. All parameters are carefully tuned, datalogged your car, and retuned till perfection. We even calibrate the file perfectly to match the two most popular petrol octane quality in the country, so you benefit the difference of using RON95 and 97.


Would you be tuning blindly without a Dyno Machine?

Most of our tuned software are pre-developed on dyno machine. We will have to fine tune a little further for different car and fuel condition, with the aid of datalogging machines. Our remapping involved years of experience both locally and international influences in order to perform a good result.


We take responsibility to all our clients' cars hence, tuning blindly or recklessly is definitely a no no. We do not take risk. We know absolutely well what we are doing.




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